Show Name:Warzone

Venue:Pepsi Center, Los Angeles, CA


Last Weeks Rating:2.0

Main Event: Lasher v Psycore

OOC Comment: This is our First Ever card, so im going to need alot of feedback on the OOC Board about results and such. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the show

UWF Warzone
Last week the UWF kicked off in style, with our First Ever Warzone, and the start of the UWF World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.Last week saw Hitman, Eric Von Maskim, Sugar Simon Frazer, Alex Wilkins and Lasher win, and after a pre-meditated attack on Joey Sanchez and Stevie T leaving them unable to fight, Lasher went through to the Final and he will be our gues commentator to the other matches which we will lay witness to next week, which will give us our final three. This week we see the Hardcore Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship go on the line.

Warzone Card for Wednesday the 8th of October

UWF Hardcore Title Match
Brutus v Alex Wilkins

UWF Cruiserweight Title Match
Kaine v Stevie T v Shawn Sullivan

UWF United States Title Match
'Sugar' Simon Frazer v Lasher

Grudge Match
Diego Riviera v Damon

Singles Match
Jason Ball v Hitman

No Disqualification
Joey Sanchez v Kid Kaos