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Stevie T

Name: Stephen Carroll
Age: 16
Nationality: Australian
Email Address: hsv_3023@hotmail.com
AOL S/N: Non Applicable
Name: Stevie T
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 19th December 1983
Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 6'2"
Style:High Flyer
Status: Neutral/Face
Nationality: Australian
Gimmick: Jeff Hardy esq high flying punker, carries around with him the IWA championship
Finishing Move: Leap of Faith Corkscrew Legdrop from Top Rope
Appearance: lightweight, wrestles in street pants and white singlet/tank top/thing,
Biography: Stevie T grew up in an inner city suburb in Sydney Australia. He began wrestling when he was 15 and started training in the Legendary Ricardo Sanchez WrestlePlex. He graduated equal first atop his class with Ricardo's son, Joey. he then went on to wrestle for various indy league promotions until he got a break to wrestle for the WWE in a dark match. He got offered a 3 week contract which saw him wrestle Shannon Moore on Velocity. when the contract was up, it was not renewed and he went back to wrestle in Sanchez' promotion: the Insane Wrestling Alliance where he won the junior heavyweight, television and IWA championship title (which he still holds to this day). The IWA is on temporary hiatus at the moment when his good mates Matt Fryer and Stephen Carroll decide to open the UWF, where he applies and is awaiting their decision.....