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Joey Sanchez
Handler Information
Your Name:Darren Gaughan
Age: 23
Where are you from?: Ireland
Email Address:
N/A Previous Federations Handled In:WWFX, XVW, XCW, XHW, WWE, WWF, NWA,
Current Federations Handled In:

Character Information

Character Name:
Psycore Gender: Male
250 pounds
6 Feet 5 Inches
Powerhouse - Brawler Status: Neutral
Gimmick or Personality: A tough son of a gun who takes no crap from no one. The fans cheer him for his antics even though he portrays the bad boy.

Finishing Move:
Finisher Description:
Jack Knife Powerbomb
Looks like Kevin Nash with black hair. He usually wears ripped jeans and a T shirt of a rock band. Long Black Hair and when cutting promos wheres Sunglasses
Biography:History has followed this man around. He was a member of the now legendary tag team Oracle that won more tag gold than any other team. He had numerous singles successes winning the coveted US title and TV title before suffering a horrific ankle injury two years ago which should have ended his wrestling career. Six months later he remarkebly returned to the ring and within two weeks he had the US title and was a number one contender for the Intercontinental title along with Lasher. Psycore soon resigned from the WWFX joining the XHW winning tag gold before that federation closed down. Since then Psycore has been working out in the gym getting ready for this day, the day that he will return to do battle again and now that Lasher has returned, the stakes have just been raised