|| Disclaimer ||
I, Mat Fryer, made this layout for the exclusive use of myself and my alter-egos, Hitman, and Shawn Sullivan. If you steal it, i cant do much about it, but it shows how fucked up your are to steal something that can be made in 10 minutes
|| End Disclaimer ||


Nickname:The Excellene of Execution


Weight:240 Pounds

Finisher: The Headshot

Catchphrase:"Keep your head on your shoulders..if you can"

Win - Loss - Draw Record: 00 - 00 - 00

Shot: No one Yet

A New Breed of Monster
Location:Warzone Arena
Time:7:57 PM

Blood in my Eyes by Disturbed hits as Hitman makes his way down to the ring, and the fans give a mixed reception. He gets into the ring, and grabs a mic.

|| Hitman ||
Hit the footage guys.

Just as he says that, the UWFTron flickers into a scene.

Hitman sits in his Long Island home, a normal 3 bedroom house, the windows triple bulletproofed incase the Mafia or Police find out his whereabouts. He is sitting down at his dining table, reading the daily newspaper. He reads about himself being wanted by the police, and sighs.

|| Hitman ||
Damn cops..

Just as he speaks, his wife,Sonya, walks into the dining room.

|| Sonya ||
Whats up Matt?

|| Hitman ||
Ive told you not to call me that, im Hitman, not Matt O'Connor!

|| Sonya ||
Jesus Christ whats up with you?

Hitman shoves the paper in his wifes face

|| Hitman ||
I have the fucking FBI and NYPD on my ass, ive got a Million Dollar bounty on my fucking head.Do you think if someone over hears you call me Matt O'Connor they arent gonna tell someone?

|| Sonya ||
Shut the hell up, im getting sick of you.

|| Hitman ||
Well the doors over there you stupid bitch, dont let it hit you on the ass when you leave.

|| Sonya ||
Ohh come on i didnt mean that

|| Hitman ||
I dont care, get the fuck out of the house, youll get the divorce papers in the morning

|| Sonya ||
Your not serious, are you?

Hitman doesnt say anything, he just raises his middle finger in the air.

|| Sonya ||
Ohh fuck you!!

|| Hitman ||
Shut the fuck up, your a bad lay anyway

Sonya starts throwing plates at Hitman and slapping him. When one of the plates hits him, he shoves Sonya to the Ground. As soon as she gets back on all fours, He delivers the Headshot Execution Style Kick.His wife falls to the floor unconscious.Hitman goes upto the camera and speaks

|| Hitman ||
See that Damon!! You call yourself a monster? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DESTROYS HIS OWN WIFE?? Ill tell you, Damon..THIS TYPE!! I am the one monster you cant defeat. Let me ask you something. What do most monsters get killed with? Bullets my friend, Bullets from guns, and you can bet your ass that they are shot in the head. Look at Jaws,the guy on the boat shot the scuba tank to blow him the fuck out of the water. Any Vampire Monster got shot in the head with a silver bullet.Damon, they all ended up being killed with a Headshot, and Your about to follow suit. My advice to you is Keep your Head on your shoulders, if you can, because the Hitman is headhunting, and your Heads the target.

The Screen Goes blank, and the camera goes to focus in on the ring, but Hitman has already left.