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Shawn Sullivan

Name: Ryan Freeman
Age: 16
Nationality: Australian
Email Address: freemo3023@hotmail.com
AOL S/N: Freemo3023
Name: Freemo
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 10th May 1980
Weight: 220 pounds
Height: 5'9"
Style:High Flying-Powerful
Status: Neutral
Nationality: American
Gimmick: Can be loved by the fans but can turn on them like a cut snake.
Finishing Move: Freemo Bomb Stunner
Appearance: Skinnyish but muscular-Jeff Hardy
Biography: Freemo, son of Ryan Freeman has had quite a good career. Starting in the FCWA, Freemo grew to become quite a competater. While still in the FCWA, Adam Norton, the owner of the WWFX approached him and Freemo, knowing the size of the WWFX accepted and left the FCWA with good blood. After staying in the WWFX for a long time Freemo met up with some old freinds and they told him about a fed they were in called the IwO and convinced Freemo to join. (Alex Wilkins being one of those people.)So again Freemo changed feds and he started off a career in the IwO. Little did he know that after 5 long years of greatness it would close down and merge with Ravens Loft. Now before Freemo could enjoy Ravens Loft he heard about his Father, Ryan Freemans Federation, that was started a while ago, was getting to be quite a good fed and went and joined that. After winning several different titles over the years for some reason Freemo enjoyed watching his dad's face after winning a title. Because Freemo and his dad never did get along. Now before XHW died Ryan Freeman said to Freemo where ever he goes that there would be a place for him, Freemo not liking his dad at all didnt really pay attention. But now Freemo wants to get back in the game and has decided to take his dad up on the offer and join UWF where he plans to have a good time....What has he got planned though? He hates his dad why is he joining the fed where he is commisioner????