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Your Name: Robert Stasiak
Age: 14
Where are you from?: (UK, America, Canada... etc.) Australia
Email Address: darkskull316@hotmail.com - ilag_2003@hotmail.com to chat with on MSN
AOL S/n:
Previous Federations Handled In: Extreme Hardcore Wrestling
Current Federations Handled In: None > Character Information
Character Name: Damon
Birthdate: 24/8/74
305 Pounds
6' 10"
Style: Heavyweight - Powerful
Status (ie Heel/Face):
Nationality: American
Gimmick or Personality: Evil - Saton Follower. Obsessed with dark magic.
Finishing Move:
Finisher Description:
Chokeslam from Hell
Kane - New Look. Bald without mask.
At a young age, Damon was over-taken by a demon and has followed a dark magic path, looking up to Saton as his god. Damon set a light is family in their Long Island home in New York and each family member were burned to death. Spiritial studiers beleive that this was an act controlled by the Devil himself which makes his home in the Amityville House also in Long Island, not far from the family home.
How ever, Damon has found an interest in professional wrestling and has taken his Saton-like personality onto all of his opponents and has lead a huge succesful career with just only one loss due to when 28 superstars held Damon down in order for one man to win the match, but even those 28 men weren't enough to keep him down long enough and have just made the demon even more angrier.
Now in the UWF, Damon has applied and now anything can happen.