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Things are about to

... again!

Welcome back. With regards to the ITKW- little has happened publicly, but a lot has happened privately. Unfortunately we were not able to talk about it until now.

Long story short, back in October 2003 the ITKW had become a staple in the wrestling world. Ratings and fan attendence had never been better. Enter Vince McMahon and the WWE. Almost overnight, they bought the ITKW for an unprescedented amount of money. It was believed that with Mr. McMahon at the helm, the ITKW would continue on at a level never before seen. That didn't happen. It's doors were closed for months while they decided what to do with the newly acquired property. Many of the wrestlers contracts were declared void, while others are still under contract to this day.

Another surprise to ITKW employees was discovered around January 2004. How it remained a secret is beyond anyone. The WWE had ALSO purchased the PWR. That's right- they secretly purchased our most-hated rival, Powerhouse Wrestling Revolution.

Now we're back! Still under the WWE flagship, but run as an independent promotion for the most part. We have NOTHING to do with the PWR unless the higher-ups insist we do so. And if we do butt heads with them, you can bet it'll be a war. Lots of bad blood between these two companies. At least we wont' have to worry about them for a while, the new PWR is still in the development stage.

There will be new superstars and some of your favorites as well. Some have even changed a bit during their time off. Mentally AND physically. History remains, but records and titles start anew (some titles have been retired, but could resurface.) While some contracts are still being negotiated and talent scouted, the roster will be a bit abbreviated. But not by much. There's plenty of talent to entertain the masses yet again! Let the KAOS begin!


Calico VS Outlaw

  Painkiller VS Teri
Freestyle VS Dark Sabre

ITKW World Championship



American Championship


Ken Shamrock
"Prototype" Johnny Strong
"Real Deal" The One
L.A. Story
The Agent


Tag-Team Championship

Triple Threat Tag
Ladder Match
(First team to score 2 wins gets gold)
4 Leaf Clover
(Lucky Head & O'Reilly)
Hed Frakchur (Snake & Skull)
Miami Heatwave
(Alkymac & "D-H" Daryl Hubbs)
  ITKW presents: VEXED II
New blood
to spill
coming soon!