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(The camera pans around the empty arena, up the stage and into the back stage area. Who is it looking for? It focuses on a door that says "TNT Travis Lee" and Eddy knocks on the door. After a few moments, a muffled voice says...)

Voice 1: Come on in...

(Eddy slowly opens the door to reveal a group of wrestlers sitting in TNT's locker room. Star is sitting on Storm's knee, and the other three are facing her as she talks. She waves to Eddy and says...)

Star: Welcome Eddy, come on in. I'm sure you know of TNT here, Storm, Pain...and this Buck. Buck Smiley.

(Buck waves to Eddy quickly and goes back to what he and the others were conferencing about.)

Eddy: So what brings you guys all to TNT's locker room? I was going to interview him and ask him a little more about his decision to join Invidious, but I guess I hit the jackpot! The entire Invidious crew is here right now! (Eddy gives the camera a thumbs up and begins speaking again.) So, what did I interrupt?

Star: Oh, nothing really, we were just having our first official meeting as Invidious and talking a little bit here about the Bloodbath Battle Royal coming up, and TNT's match next week.

We were talking about how we'll be there, all of us...we'll have his back. But like TNT said earlier, he just doesn't want the interference. We'll do whatever we have help each other rise up in the ESW and become the top team here. I really don't think we're competitive against each other...just the "others" here.

Eddy: I was quite surprised to see that he had accepted your invitation. He seems to be a very independent sort of wrestler...

TNT: I AM! So don't think me joining this team means anything different!!!

Buck: Woah, relax Trav. He's just asking questions.

Eddy: And you are....?

Buck: I'm Buck...Buck Smiley. Didn't get the memo, eh? I haven't made my mark here yet, but I'm going to. I'm going to rip this place up.

Eddy: Well nice to meet you finally and good luck to you sir. Now, you guys seem to be a pretty even group, but for Star. Her being the only woman here I suppose makes you a mismatched group, but not quite...

Pain: The only woman here? Look at who she's sitting on. We got two girlies in here!

(With that, Storm jumps up, knocking Star to the floor and with a huge smile on his face, puts a headlock around Pain and drags him around the room, pretending to try to really hurt him.)

Star: Don't worry about them. They always do that. They've become very close since Pain took him in to train him for the ESW. Anyway, back to business. My friend here TNT is in a big match on the 30th and my bet is, he'll win for sure. I mean, if he can't beat the American Dream...wait now...isn't the American Dream like...a dog, a white picket fence, a 9-5 job, a wife and 2.5 children? think you can take all of that down?

(TNT gets a sinister grin on his face and nods. Buck chimes in with his two cents.)

Buck: Of course he can! Nothing to it. You gotta understand...TNT here, well he's wicked in the ring. I think that the AD underestimated him since he's never been in the ring. But he's gonna rock the AD. He's gonna destroy him. No problem!

TNT: Yeah...I can speak for myself Buck, but thanks.

(Star makes a face at TNT's comment as she climbs back to her seat on bench where Storm was sitting. Eddy sees this and comments.)

Eddy: I sense a little tension here. Star, you made a face at him when he said that, and TNT you seem all too independent for this team.

(TNT looks at Star as if telling her to go ahead and take care of this question.)

Star: Yeah, we're just getting used to each other. I mean, we've really been a team less than a full week. It's a know...getting a team together. And it's hard with as talented as everyone is's just hard to get everything aligned. Which is why we were meeting today. We were setting up the team boundaries. Unlike the rest of the stables here, we really don't NEED to rely in the interference of our teammates to win our matches. We can win them on our own. That's why TNT comes off the way he does...very independent. He's such an amazing and ruthless athlete that he really doesn't need me, or anyone, for that matter, to come out and screw with his match. We aren't anything like Relegation or the Graveyard. We can do it on our own. Will we interfere if our friends need it? Probably. But I doubt we'll need it.

I mean, we have Pain, who's a raging maniac in the ring...Buck...who I've seen in training...and he's just plain crazy....TNT...who is just awe inspiring in the ring...and Storm, who I don't LET wrestle because he has rage problems. I think we're set. They train hard, every day. I mean look, Pain and Storm are practicing right now!

(Just as Star says that, Storm grabs Pain and body slams him onto one of the benches..breaking it. Pain stands and shoves Storm backwards and they begin wrestling around the room again.)

Eddy: Well, I have to go off and see what Relegation wants to bitch about today, but I enjoyed the interview. We'll see you guys in the ring soon! Good luck Buck...TNT!

(Eddy stands and exits the locker room and begins speaking once he has closed the door.)

Eddy: Well, there you have it folks. A new team here at the ESW..preparing for their climb to the top. Thanks for tuning in! See you on Saturday Night Slugfest!

(The camera fades as Eddy closes the interview.)