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Even the most promitive species have an innate respect for the insane


Crucify Yourself by Fozzy hits over the PA and the fans jump to see who it is.Two black haired women,one with white streaks and one with red streaks,appear at the top of the ramp.Some of the fans begin to cheer as the recognize the woman with red streaks as "The Scream Queen"Daffney Unger and the woman with white streaks as Riot.Daffney has a crowbar with her and Riot has a black bat.Daffney screams once and then they head down the ramp and get into the ring.Riot gets the mic from Lillian and starts talking after Daffney does her entrance by climbing to each top turnbuckle and screaming.


The Scream Queen and the Not-So-Quiet Riot are finally here in the PHW!!Now what better place then the federation with Pride and Honor in its name to hold the two most proud and honored womens wrestlers?Hell,Daffney and I just got here and we're already on Team PHW!That just goes to show you that the president of PHW knows who he's dealing with!Now I bet people are saying Daffney and I can't hold our own in this match because we're fighting five men.Oh,Im sorry,Victoria's supposadly a woman isnt she?Oh,well,we'll go with the cold,hard facts.Daffney and I are facing five men at Anarchy Uprising,big deal!We will destroy anyone that gets in our path,man or woman!Daffney is the only woman who actually knew how to wrestle in WCW and more then that she was the only woman in WCW to hold any kind of Championship belt until they invaded the WWF or WWE or whatever the Hell you want to call it!Now Brother Madrix,Victoria,Outlaw,Markus,El Tiburon,you can come out here and pretend you think you can beat us but we all know that you are nothing but a bunch of wimps!Along with Justin Slick,Timmy D and Crow,Daffney and I will destroy you five!


The fans cheer for Riot and she hands the mic to Daffney.Daffney waits a minute for the fans to quiet down a little and starts talking.

{}Daffney Unger{}

I couldnt have said it better myself!Except for one thing,if the president knew who he was dealing with he never would have hired us because we are going to take this federation to Hell and back when we kick the living crap out of anyone who tries to get in out way!He would have put us in the main even,but at least he's better then we could have gotten!At lease he gave us enough respect to put us on the card in an actual wrestling match instead of something stupid like Bra and Panties or some load of bullshit like that!Which is our next point,respect.Riot and I know we deserve respect,these people in the audience know we deserve respect,and if you people in the back are smart you know we deserve respect!Not only had you better as Hell know it but you better as Hell show us some respect!And if you dont,we will be happy to kick your asses all over this arena!


The fans cheer insanely and Daffney drops the mic.She and Riot head up the ramp but stop at the top.Daffney turns around and tells the camara to get closer.The camara man gets a close up of Daffney and as soon as the camara is close enough,she screams loudly right into it and they go back behind the curtians as the fans cheer 'Scream Queen!Scream Queen!Scream Queen!Scream Queen!Scream Queen!Scream Queen!'and the scene fades to a commercial

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