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Book Jaba King for your show

January 13, 2007

Name or ring name:
Jaba King

E-mail Address:

6ft 1


actual hometown Saint J VT, booking home Sinn City

How long in the Biz:
7 years

Trained where or by who:
Donnie and DJ Myers, Aaron Fire, Simon Starr, Victor Adams and Big Business

Past or current Promotions worked for:
NBW Le Lutte out of Quebec one show, ELW out of Quebec worked a run in front of 1200 people, Wrestling Federation of America one show, Slam Allstar Wrestling I have done 2 shows with, and I wrestle primarily for the Eastern Townships Wrestling Association out of VT and Quebec

Wrestling Style:

Currently I am doing a gimmick in the ETWA where I am the Savior and top draw of the company

Bookings Cost:
Depends on travel legnth usaually a 10- 15 dollar minimum

Beating Aaron Fire, Big Business and The Buzzard to capture the ETWA title on 10/27/07. Lost my cruiserweight title to Venom in a 3 way TLC match on 6/3/6. And winning the first ever Cruiserweight Anarchy Invitational beating out 4 other wrestlers.

Web sites:

Titles (If Any):
3x ETWA Cruiserweight Champion and current ETWA Heavyweight Champion

Worked with the biggest names in the sport:
"Hollywood Blonde" Dale Roberts, Dany Jaxx, Brian Fury, Alex Arion, Steve Bradley, and Paul Butcher Vachon

Favorite type of match:
Straight exhibition matches and Submission matches

"The Crowning Moment" (reverse STO like Edge's Downward Spiral) I have many different setups for it. And the Spine Shock which is a Bear Hug/ Front Tantry drop

Managers if any:
My wife Tera Belle

Personal Notes:
I've done charity shows for the most of my career for a small based company but am really looking to establish my name more in the Indy circuits. I have alot of backstage also knowledge I have booked and promoted shows on my own, done wrestling tv show productions run a wrestling website and have embarked on training wrestlers as well. I am just waiting for the chances to use it



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