Teach me all ye know... (Part 4)

Starring: Jon Kellar, Sean O'Gara, Dyna Might, Kev Mania

~The static clears to a blacked out screen. There are a few seconds of complete darkness when Sean O'Gara's face suddenly appears on screen, and snaps his fingers~


~We find ourselves in a Japanese gym which toXin has apparently taken over for the day. Jon Kellar is in his workout gear standing in front of a set of poles, each a short distance apart, with a length of rope running along the length of them, about a foot from the floor on the odd numbered gaps, and about 4 feet off the floor on the even numbered ones~

Sean: GO!

~Kellar starts running in between the poles, stepping left and right over and under the ropes. He touches one of the poles and a beeper sounds~

Sean: DROP!

~Kellar drops into a press-up position and does 10 press-ups, then stands up~

Sean: GO!!!

~Kellar continues the run~


Sean: Ladies and lesser men, you are witnessing the future of this company, the man who will soon send you all onto the scrapheap on his way to lifting the Lord of the Coliseum trophy. Each and every one of you genuinely believes that you've got his number, but by now I doubt any of you, regardless of brain size, can fail to recognised just how well you have you scouted. Did you really think toXin was all about muscular men in balaclavas hitting the ring in the nick of time? If so, then you are more delusional than you first appeared, for while you believe you know all... it is clear to me that you know nothing...


~Kellar stands opposite a punch-bag with a length of rope coming off fit moving diagonally downwards from the top half of the bag down to the floor~


~Kellar moves away from the bag till he is at the far end of the rope~

Sean: Focus on the sideway movement and quick effective punching... as low on the bag as you can. GO!

~Kellar moves towards the bag, ducking under the rope left and right as he moves, slamming the bag with his fist as he goes. Each time he hits the bag a "beep" is heard, triggering a change in the score on a small screen to the left of the bag.~


~Kellar hits harder and harder~


~Sean is staring at "the wall", the camera over his shoulder, zooming in on the picture of John Taylor~

Sean: John Taylor... you think because you pulled it off once it'll happen again? You think you've got Kellar mentally beaten because of what happened in the Clash of the Champions? You think this is all over before it's even begun because the roster fears what you can do? Well if it helps you sleep at night John then believe that... believe that each and every member of the GZW is shaking at the prospect of drawing you, because we all know that most of them are. Only a delusional fool can look into the eyes of a man who's accomplished what you have

~Images of Taylor's career flash up complete with sounds~

Commentator's Voice: John Taylor has won the World Heavyweight Title....only the second ever CCW Unified Heavyweight Champion... ladies and gentlemen, the 2005 Lord of the Coliseum "The Lone Gunman" John Taylor... the main event for Aftermath 2k4... John Taylor vs Pimp Bizkit.... John Taylor has beaten the Human Miracle here tonight.... he's got his title back.... John Taylor will enter the 2006 Lord of the Coliseum...

~The images fade and we see Kellar dressed in his wrestling gear, sitting in a chair in deep focus, covered by shadows but with parts of his body showing, and his fierce eyes glowing~

Kellar: Some call fear a weakness... but those who are afraid are those who are prepared. The ones who are truly weak are those who cannot overcome fear.... use fear... fight fear... BEAT FEAR!!!


~Kellar is performing ab crunches, his hands tied together across his chest to prevent him using them for leverage~


~Kellar is nailing sit-up after sit-up, clearly in intense pain but unwilling to give up~


~Sean is still staring at "the wall", the camera over his shoulder, zooming in on the picture of Nathan Williams~

Sean: The Icon... the legend... the human powerhouse... the man with the all inclusive CCW contract... and the man with his sights on the triple crown... the man who makes Zander Frost look like Einstein and Seven look like a school girl... or maybe that's just the crap hair...

~Again flashing images, though the final peices of commentator dialogue are accompanied by images from the Sept. 11th broadcast of Crimson~

Commentator's Voice: Nathan Williams.... new EWO World Heavyweight Champion.... new GZW World Heavyweight Championship.... HKWF World Heavyweight Championship... Seth shrugs it off and kicks Rex in the stomach. He grabs the chair and throws it behind Rex. Seth grabs Rex under the arm, hand around his throat, and hits The Downfall  onto the chair.... SETH RAIDE WINS!!!!.... The Icon Nathan Williams has entered the 2006 Lord of the Coliseum!!!

~Again, we see Kellar~

Kellar: One of the handicaps of being a legend is that you have to reach an end in order for people to look back. Some meet their ends but cannot accept it... that's fine, I know this business is hard to leave behind when you've had success... but I will not allow someone else's career to disturb my own... regardless of who they are. They want my time? They can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands!


~Kellar is standing in front of some kind of mechanism with punch bagging on the end~

Sean: Now a lot of the guys you're up against use the spear, and they're big guys, so this will help you deal with it. Let me just explain how this device works.

~The mechanism flies forward at high speed and knocks Kellar off his feet as it crashes into his chest, it then returns to it's starting point~

Sean: Now I'd have moved out the way but it's your choice. Either you learn to avoid it, or you learn to shake off the pain of an impact? Any questions? Good...

~Kellar stands up, and the mechanism immediately crashes into his ribs again~

Sean: By the way, you're not getting any warning... Quake's not gonna shout "I'm gonna spear you" before he does... so you've got to learn to anticipate, so GET THE FUCK UP!!!

~Kellar does, and this time manages to roll out of the way of the oncoming charge. He looks at Sean and grins~



~Sean has taken two photos off the wall and is staring at them~

Sean: Necron... Seven... why bother? You're so out of depth in your own singles divisions and now you want to play with the big boys? Do you honestly think you have the slightest chance of walking out of that ring with any dignity if you find yourself standing opposite the Human Dynamite? Seven, the washed up never-was with a Television title reign he failed to appreciate and a feud with John Taylor that showed him up as the embarrassing failure that he is. So embarrassed is he by himself that he can't even show his face on television right now... not that anyone sane is missing his ramblings. As for Necron... well, he seems to have been swallowed by his own ego and vanished with him. Maybe they give dark side cult members a discount if they book together with Easyjet or something... because they sure as hell aren't anywhere that makes the LOTC competitors worry aobut them. Even if they do show up... do they honestly think they can raise their game enough to cover their obvious lack of out of ring talent...

~Back to Kellar~

Kellar: The bigger they are... the larger the bones for me to snap... and the more men they'll need to carry their sorry corpses out of the ring. 


~Sean has tied Kev and Jon together at the wrist~

Sean: The rope will stop you driving too far apart... but I want you to duck, dive, move, and counterpunch... Kev won't be going easy. GO!

~Kev goes for the grapple but Kellar dances away~


~Kellar stands on his toes and moves his feet back and forth erratically, leaving Kev with the difficult task of initiating a proper grapple while Kellar punches back, eventually Kellar takes him to the mat with a headlock slam~


~Sean is still staring at "the wall", the camera over his shoulder, zooming in on the area of the chart showing the three way feud between Root, Vyle and Quake~

Sean: Root... Vyle... Quake... you guys can't wait to kill eachother... and that's great for us all to watch... but just remember the brackets aren't set, and regardless of what you might think none of you can match up to Jon Kellar. While you've been sitting around drinking, making threats of Jihad or making unamusing quips he's been intimately planning your desecration, working himself to physical perfection, and loving every evil thought passing through his mind about the dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of ways that he'll make sure you never forget those words... or more correctly... never forget just how wrong you were about him. Root may have his US title reign and experience therein to fall back on... Quake may have his unbeaten streak... and Vyle may have his red-white-and blue pride and the power that comes from within... but only Jon Kellar has what it takes to be the true Lord of the Coliseum...

~Again, career highlights~

Commentator: Root is the United States Champion... Vyle, the man everyone wants to be... can anyone stop this man? Quake destroys everything in his path... no matter what that is... a winning machine!!!

~To Kellar~

Kellar: Religion is the refuge of the deluded mind that exists without purpose... nationalism is the illusion of a great place to instill false pride... and all runs of luck can come to an end in the blink of an eye, if the man you're against knows how to beat the odds.

~A quick flash of Kellar lifting the Contest of Champions Trophy~


~Kellar is bent over backwards in Chris Cairns' finishing maneuver, clearly in an intense amount of pain~

Sean: And.... COUNTER!!!

~Quick as a flash Kellar pushes Kev up with his chest, slides his legs into a more comfortable position, then rolls over into a modified powerbomb pin position~

Sean: 4 more times Jon!!! KEEP IT UP!!!


~Sean is still staring at "the wall", the camera over his shoulder, zooming in on the picture of Cairns~

Sean: The man who would be king of the interviewer's microphone now wants to see himself in the ring once again. The technical master with the finishing move from hell.... all in a 5"11 bundle... but no man from Manchester is going home with a trophy this year, in football or in wrestling. Your time has past Cairns', and if fate says so, then you will learn quickly just how wrong you were to doubt Kellar's path to greatness. But you're entitled to your opinion I suppose, even if you are a demented fool... the same goes for Sharp.. entitled to his opinion but in no condition to back it up. You've looked out of you depth since the first day I saw you Sharp... and when Kellar planted your face on the mat after you helped him... you then went and helped in again? Where's your spine you pathetic little shit. I suggest you grow one sharpish, or at the very least leave your finishing manoever to a man who can hit it properly. You may be a former two time world champion, but a man can only ride his luck so long, and you proved to everyone watching that you weren't ready. Draw Kellar at Glory Through Honour... and we'll have the pleasure see it all again...

~To Kellar~

Kellar: Those who lost faith in me are about to lose a lot more... and those who are too weak to stay at the top deserve to plummet into oblivion. This is the way of things, and it is the way I shall preserve, whether you want it... or not.


Kellar (in Japanese): Excuse me sir, I am someone's table meeting a reservation yesterday morning.

Waiter (In English): What?

Kellar: You speak English?

Waiter: A rittle... 

Kellar: Good enough, I'm meeting someone here for dinner, the reservation's in the name of O'Gara for Mr Kellar?

Waiter: Ah, Mr Kellar, right this way sir!

~He leads him to a divine looking table set away from the rest of the restaurant, where Dyna is sitting in a stunning dress, her hair up in an expensive doo, and expensive jewelry around her neck and wrists. Kellar is taken aback, then looks down~

Kellar: REALLY should have gone for the loose fit...


~The camera is on Vernon~

Sean: Many see you as the man who will challenge Kellar for the right to be called "the future", but I see no challenge Vernon. You're a burnt out guy suffering the after-effects of an independant tournament you couldn't even win. You're pathetic... and your victory over Jon was totally undeserved. Tell it any other way you want but anyone seeing the replay of that pinfall knows it's the truth. The referee saved your embarrassing made-up backside from the misery of disappointment and embarrassment. But if you come face to face with Jon at Glory through Honour... you know there's only one way this is going... Jon Kellar wants revenge Vanderbilt... he has a hundred ways to make you suffer for what you have done... and in your current state I doubt you any way of stopping him beyond your empty words.

~To Kellar~

Kellar: Revenge is a dish best served cold... and there are none colder than the dead...


Kellar: Sean set this up?

Dyna: Yeah... he said you could use the break after all the hard work you've been putting in... and decided I'd be the most welcome company. Apparently he thought you'd seen enough of him and Kev for one day.

Kellar: And don't I know it...

Dyna: So... these "stamina" exercises he's had you doing...


~The camera angle has changed, Sean is sitting in a chair staring at a computer screen showing Eddie Fever's information~

Sean: And then last and least, the rookie, the unpredictable element... the hero that is Eddie Fever. Apparently you have a problem with my predictions Fever... what's the matter, afraid I may find something you don't want the world to know... other than the fact that it is YOU who are the embarrassingly bad competitor whose words are hollower than his oversized head... other than getting fresh with some diseased street-hoe every time you enter the ring what have you done lately that gives you the right to pass judgment on Jon Kellar, calling HIM overrated when he has proved on more than one occasion that he can get it done in the ring. Frankly a big part of me hopes that it's you that Kellar goes head to head with come the day of reckoning... because I'm genuinely curious as to whether this hero can fly... or if his special power is boring us all to death with your endless interviews and pointless polls. Seeing as you were kind enough to give Jon Kellar some ill-founded career advice, might I suggest you take your hero skills to those who need you. I believe there's a desert island somewhere in the Mediterranean with some kids that need feeding. There's certainly enough beef on you to go around and you could always use your tiny brain as a garnish... that way you've saved some kids lives, you get off our screens, and everyone's happy. You don't believe Kellar can get it done in the ring... well of all the guys in this competition lets just say that with all the bullshit flying Kellar's way... you take the prize for the man who could not be more wrong if he tried.

~To Kellar~

Kellar: Sometimes telling the truth is the difficult part... but on some occasions looking down on a beaten and bloody man and telling him the truth, that he was out of his league when he squared up against you, is the most pleasureable thing in the world.

~Back to Sean~

Sean: You see Fever... and the rest of you in fact, you think Kellar's unprepared, you couldn't be more wrong. The future's nothing but the sum of the past, and if you can manipulate the present little by little, the future can be whatever you want it to be. All of this points to one single conclusion, Jon Kellar's Lordship of the Coliseum...

~There is a quick flash of Jon and Dyna sleeping in eachother's arms upstairs, then we cut back to Sean, who moves the trophy a few inches closer to Kellar~

Sean: ...and Ladies and Gentlemen, Sean O'Gara never misses a thing....