Anarchy Reborn


Starring: Jon Kellar, Mickey Greer

Co Starring: Sean O'Gara, Kev Mania, The Toxic Troops


~A nervous looking Mickey Greer appears on Kellarvision as our scene opens, making his way down a long hospital corridor. He turns a corner and sees a pissed off looking Jon Kellar storming towards him, carrying the Extreme Heavyweight Title over his shoulder and a black sports bag in his other hand~

Greer: Jon Kellar! A word??

Kellar: What the hell do you want Greer?

Greer: Well, first of all, our viewers want to know just how you're coping with the events which took place on Sunday at Crimson. How are you holding up?

Kellar: Oh great... just fucking great. Look at me, I'm as happy as can possibly be. My best friend is lying in bed recovering from an unprovoked attack, and because of some dumb legal agreement I can't get my hands on the man responsible.

Greer: Well, it was you who requested that agreement...

Kellar: Requested? No no... agreed to is the correct way of putting it, and even then I see in hindsight it was a foolish thing to do. Frankly the whole situation is bullshit and I'm sick of it.

Greer: You don't agree with the legal paper?

Kellar: Wow... tell me, with an intellect like yours how exactly did you land this job? Surely there are people in Washington dying for people with your intelligence. Of course I'm upset about that, but it's the whole situation. The fact that I am supposed to be a part of a credible team of individuals backed by a so called GZW legend, and the only time one of them has gotten involved in a match is to try and eliminate me from the Contest of Champions. Oh, and then it got one step better last week, as GZW decides to look up some old UCW tapes and discovers that I was once leader of one of the most feared factions in that organization, the faction known as toXin. So what do they do, they bring in the last member, Sean O'Gara, and tell us that we're the new peacekeeping force and protection unit for the Extreme Heavyweight title.

~Kellar pushes Greer back several times until they are next to a hatch, the designation for which is obscured by Kellar's shoulder~

Kellar: Well no doubt you want to ask me about that?

Greer: Well I...

Kellar: Well go on, chop chop.

Greer: How... how do you feel about it?

Kellar: I'm glad you asked, but I don't think how I feel about being this title's private bodyguard can be expressed in mere words, so I think I'll just do this.

~Kellar moves his shoulder to reveal the words "Incinerator Hatch" behind it. Kellar drops the title from his shoulder, takes a look at the faceplate for a moment, then spits on it, opens the hatch, and dumps the title down it~

Kellar: THAT'S what I think of the GZW Extreme Heavyweight Title, and that's what I think of the whole GZW situation.

Greer: Is... is this a defection to HKWF? So that the ban on your rematch with Zander will be lifted?

Kellar: HKWF??!!! What the hell did you swallow this morning... you know what don't answer that, but you get the idea. HKWF is a backward far eastern shithole of a federation with all the prestige of a diseased hyena. They don't deserve to have Jon Kellar on their payroll, nor on their roster, and I would not debase myself as to appear amongst their unworthy competitors even for the chance to get my hands on Zander Frost.

Greer: Then why...?

Kellar: Why? I'll tell you why... because GZW has opened the floodgates on something they should never have tampered with, unleashed a force they should never have tried to reckon with. The Ark of the Covenant? Pah, drop in the ocean. Pandora's box? A mere underwear drawer. What they have done is brought the single most destructive force in the history of professional wrestling upon themselves, and courtesy of their failure to repeal the legal act preventing me from getting my hands on Zander. 

~Kellar reaches into the black kitbag and pulls out a new belt, much bigger, much shiner, with toXin engraved into the face plate, along with Extreme Heavyweight Champion in bigger writing~

Greer: What the...?

Kellar: May I introduce the new toXinTM Extreme Heavyweight Title, the replacement for the decrepit prestigeless title that once lay around my waistt.

~Greer is speechless~

Kellar: Irony tastes good doesn't it? The GZW brings in the last member of toXin to help protect the title from HKWF, and merely delivers it into the hands of an entity far worse than anything they could ever conjure up. Bringing in Sean gave me the final piece I needed to restart the revolution that many thought dead with the end of UCW, the revolution of toXin against the federation.

~Greer looks at Kellar~

Kellar: Oh come on Greer, what did I say when I first arrived here? I stood in front of the world and told them that things were going to change, that my exile from the ring had helped me to see things differently, and that I was ready to share my revelation with the entire industry. Did you think that getting my own broadcast on GZW TV was just part of the gimmick? Come on, I left you all the clues. Reality Check studios, RC being the first incarnation of toXin from back in AWF? The fact that I kept Kev around? The clear similarities between Kellarvision and UCW's toXin TV. All that I needed was the catalyst to bring about the sleeping giant, and GZW HQ's incompetence gave me all the excuse I needed. I was never going to watch my toXin become hired protection, not when I could revive what it once stood for, the anti-establishment values that rocked UCW to it's foundations. Why do you think I attacked Zac Sharp after he came out to help me on Sunday Storm? Simple... toXin does not see GZW and HKWF, it sees us... and them. If you're not in toXin, then you are its enemy, and if you try to stand before it, you will be crushed beneath it.

~Kellar holds up the new belt, and upon closer examination it is clear that the GZW tag at the top now has a line through it~

Kellar: And now the Extreme Heavyweight Title lies not in the hands of GZW2k1, nor HKWF, nor in the feeble grasp of UJW, but in the hands of the wrestling authority which surpasses them all, toXin.

Greer: Aren't you worried that you might be stripped of the title?

Kellar: Do I look like I am? toXin answers to no-one's authority, and the Extreme Heavyweight Title is now under our jurisdiction, and no one else's. They can strip me on paper or vocally, but they'll enforce it physically over my dead body. This is my title, and I answer only to me...

Greer: So presumably you'll use that power to grant Zander Frost his rematch.

~Kellar looks at Greer, then begins laughing~

Kellar: Well... you see I'd love to be able to give him a shot at this title, but this isn't the GZW Extreme Heavyweight Title anymore now is it...

Greer: Well technically i...

Kellar: NO IT ISN'T! SHUT UP! The fact of the matter is that a shot at this title has to be earned, and I have just the plan. Surely you remember my second match here in GZW when I defeated Reject in the environment he claimed was his own...

Greer: Uh.. by DQ...

Kellar: Yes by DQ but let's not nitpick... the fact is Reject impressed me with his fighting spirit, and Zander did nothing to earn himself my favour when he assaulted Dyna without cause. Now as you are well aware, there's a pay per view this month known as "Glory Through Honor", so in the interest of fairness, I'll make a deal. If Zander were to take on Reject at that event in a match of my choosing... then maybe, just maybe, I'll grant him the title rematch he so desperately craves.

Greer: Now hang on, your hold on that title's decision making is dubious in itself, but you have no right to start calling the shots around here.

Kellar: Well look at it this way, if GZW refuses to play ball... then there will be consequences... and believe me... whatever match I choose will seem like a picnic compared to what toXin can unleash upon the wrestling world.

~Kellar turns to the camera~

Kellar: Oh, and if you're watching GZW HQ... I know what you're thinking... what can three men do against an entire federation? Well let me pose a question to you in response... what makes you so sure than our ranks stop at 3? Do you honestly think I'm that stupid?

~Kellar snaps his fingers, and Kev and Sean appear from off camera. Followed by several other characters in black masks with an green "X" painted across the face~

Kellar: We are everyone, and we are no one. We are toXin... the revolution begins.

~The scene fades to static and the Kellar vision logo in the corner is replaced by a large X~