~In the aftermath of the "Clash of the Champions" match, a physically beaten and bruised Extreme Heavyweight Champion sits in his locker room. He has his head in his hands at what has just transpired, and is breathing heavily for the pain he has taken. Dyna Might enters~

Dyna: Are you alright?

Kellar: As well as can be expected I suppose... I've still got a headache from the number of twists and turns there were in that match. I mean the razor blade thing... what the hell was that all about?

Dyna: I dont like this company Jon... I mean there were plenty of mindgames in UCW but in this company everyone seems determined to stab everyone else in the back.

Kellar: I noticed... it's kinda like having a wrestling company full of my clones... but without the quality product that such a circumstance would bring.

~Kellar tries to sit up, but winces from the pain between his legs~

Kellar: Who'd have thought getting struck in the men's department with a ring post and a boot would be so... inconvenient.

Dyna: I'll get an ice pack... just rest up a little.

~Kellar slumps back on the bench as she leaves~

Kellar: What the hell did I do wrong... I mean what did John Taylor do to deserve to pin me. I've been in worse submission holds than that so why the hell did I ta.... what the hell do you want???

~Kellar looks up to see John Taylor standing in the doorway, the world title belt over his shoulder, grinning~

Kellar: Come to gloat I'm guessing?

Taylor: Hardly... All I did tonight was what I said from the start that I would. Nothing to 'gloat' about, as far as I'm concerned.

Kellar: Oh... so getting yourself flung through a table by the guy you dismissed as the "career underacheiver" was all part of some greater plan. Do me a favour Taylor, we both got screwed...

~Kellar stands, wincing at the pain between his legs Taylor simply stares back at the slightly shorter man.~

Taylor: As I said, 'nothing to gloat about'... What you must realise, however, is that in the end you got it easy. A quick and painful silencing from your superior. What happened afterwards doesn't deserve to be dignified with anything more than a shrug, Jon.

Kellar: You genuinely believe that?

~Kellar gets in Taylor's face~

Kellar: Because it looks to me like you're hiding something, you want Quake ripped apart as badly as I do, the only difference is one of us is brave enough to admit it...

Taylor: Get out of my face, son. You had your chance at me tonight and you failed. No recourse. And who says I don't want Quake ripped apart? Bravery doesn't even come into it. QVC are going to fall at my feet, Human Dynamite... The 'shrug' suggestion was for you. I've got business to attend to with the "Queen" Village Crew, but Quake is at the very bottom of the list. He was in that ring with you and I tonight and he couldn't beat me either... That's what's important. Quake has nothing on me. My QVC focus has now shifted onto Vyle and Jay Jameson. Quake is just a footnote at this stage.

~Kellar gets right up close to Taylor, then smiles and laughs~

Kellar: You know I've been in this business for a good number of years... and I dont think I've ever met anyone who believes his own hype as much as you... but hey, if I were in your position I'd do exactly the same thing. In our match... you got the better of me, that wont change... but you know that there will be other matches... other times... and the next time we square off

~Kellar snaps his fingers in Taylor's face~

Kellar: I'm going to make sure it's MY moment...

~Taylor yawns~

Taylor: You talk about a Hallmark moment, Jon... Wow. But you see, I didn't come here just to hear you say that. Trash talk between you and I is now obsolete. The Champion Of Champions has been crowned and that's the end of it. I'm here to tell you warn you that - as much as you want to take Quake out that there will be a time and a place. Next week's Contest Of Champions, perhaps. And that's fine with me, as long as you don't get a sore loser's itch and try to exact some measure of undeserved revenge from me... Vyle is a shape-shifting piece of shit that'll get what's coming to him far sooner than later. And Jay Jameson is a snivelling little coward that'll either bow at my feet or suffer a brick to the back of the head for his squirmy contributions to tonight's affairs. As long as you don't go getting yourself involved in that, then you'll be fine.

Kellar: Why the sudden concern Taylor? What's it to you if I aim to high and get my ass beaten to hell and back...

Taylor: What does it matter to me? My Independence. I don't need some little hothead's help in doing something which needs to be done, and I don't want anybody thinking otherwise. And I certainly wouldn't want said hothead fucking up what I've got planned to officially welcome QVC to my territory...

~Kellar steps forward~

Kellar: Champ, you may be wearing the number one prize in our industry, and you may have won the clash of champions match tonight, and you may be a GZW legend and you may be sleeping with the Queen of England in your spare time but you do NOT deserve to tell Jon Kellar who he can and cannot go after. You got problems with QVC then you go deal with them in your way, but if you think I'm just gonna sit back and let what happened tonight slide just for the sake of your ego, then think again.

~The Lord Of The Coliseum grins knowingly.~

Taylor: Well that's not exactly what I was thinking... I was thinking more that you should probably be questioning your worth to the remaining Heretic. In fact, to do otherwise and simply move on to blind revenge would be to let what happened tonight slide. Monarch was out there tonight, Jon. What did he do for you?

~Kellar laughs~

Kellar: Oh ho ho ho! I see where this is going Taylor... trying to turn me into the next Phillipa Tight-End. Listen... Phil Tytan quit the heretics because Monarch never helped him out, FACT! But Monarch made it quite clear to me before I went out there that he would not be getting involved under any circumstances and I accepted that... you can't accept a scenario and then be justifiably pissed off when that scenario takes place.

Taylor: Of course not... But you don't really believe Monarch wasn't involved, do you? He was having a great time on that stage, Jon. 'Not getting involved' doesn't really cut it when the man all but hopped into the lion's den tonight. This wasn't a case of me dominating you in a match, this was three men kicking the living shit out of you, post-match. What is a stable if not for backup when the chips are truly down?

~Kellar goes to answer... but then realises that Taylor might be right and stays silent. Taylor nods in acceptance at Kellar's silent response.~

Taylor: ...And does it not bother you that Monarch's eyes were getting along awfully well with Seth Raide?

~Kellar stays silent~

Taylor: As I said... I didn't come without reason, Jon.

~Taylor winks at the silent Extreme Heavyweight Champion, before taking a quick glance around the locker room and then leaving. Kellar stands frozen with thought for a few minutes until Dyna enters with an ice pack~

Dyna: Here, sorry I was gone so long....

~Kellar doesn't answer~

Dyna: What is it?

~Still Jon Kellar is silent~

Dyna: Jon, what happened?

Kellar: Nothing...

~Kellar takes the ice and goes back to his bench. The camera focuses on a concerned looking Dyna as the scene fades out~