The following is the transcript from's new show "Byte Me". First broadcast 30/06/2005

Written by John Hunter

~The opening credits role, announcing that your hosts are Jack Creed and James Fairbanks, and your guests are Vyle and Jon Kellar~

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to "Byte Me", a brand new "off the record" show which takes you in deeper than you'd thought you'd ever be, and closer than you'd thought you could ever get.

Though fear not! We draw the line at Seven's shower room!

Real mature Creed

Screw you...

As you know Ladies and Gentlemen Heatwave II is only a few days away, and what a show it promises to be. The cream of GZW's talent are flying out to the far east to compete in Kowloon Park out in Hong Kong, and we have every match under the sun. Two debut matches, two guests on the Chris Cairns show, Kellar versus Zander Frost for the Extreme Title, Shane Ryder versus "The Root" Amun Ma'at for the United States Title, Jimmy Williams versus Jay Jameson, and of course, to top it all off... champion versus champion in the form of HKWF's Seth Raide versus GZW's John Taylor, with the GZW title on the line!

And don't you be forgetting about the triple threat match to determine the number one contender for the United States Title! Vyle vs Seven vs Michael Lord!!

How could I forget? One of the competitors is our first guest tonight!!! Hello Vyle, welcome to the show

~Incidently due to the event being in Hong Kong all the guests are appearing on speaker phone tonight~

Hi, it's good to be here

How you finding your time in Hong Kong?

It's...interesting to say the least. I suppose I should have learnt the international customs a bit better, but me, jay and quake have worked past that little hiccup.

I'm glad to hear it

Hey, you didn't get their phone numbers did you? Those women you guys were with...

I dont think they had phones. All I saw were tin cans with bits of string through them, and some form of primitive horn intercom system. What are you implying, Creed?

Well it's just that I...

You do know they were trannies right?

Well I... I...

And a hermaphrodite. Dont forget the hermy

Ah crap...

Well moving swiftly onwards while Creed tries to find a bucket... after that hiccup how have you QVC guys been settling in? You make a big deal about how you're "big" in Hong Kong whenever we see you on TV so I'm guessing this must be almost a homecoming for you guys...

In a sense. Quake and Jay dont know a whole lot about other countries, and it took me about an hour to get them to realise that Hong Kong and China aren't Japan. But I toured China a lot when I was a teenager for international karate tournaments, and trained at a Shaolin temple for a year before becoming a pro wrestler. I like the work ethic here.

Really? Tell me more about that. A lot of the guys in GZW come from the American and British Wrestling schools, plus a few Canadian ones. You've experienced both schools, so tell us, is there a lot of difference between the styles?

There's a huge difference, but me and quake didn't start off in anything like the FWA academy. We used to back yard in secondary school, but I focussed a lot on martial arts, and that became a big thing with me. I did the tournaments and was pretty successful, but after the training in the shaolin temple, a friend who knew about my love of wrestling suggested I gave it a try. So, as I didn't have much money and was small, I moved to mexico to train in the lucha libre style, wrestling as Cobalt. as one of the top students I was sent to Japan to work in the growing extreme style. Rey mysterio had just caused a stir there, so we got a lot of work. After that, I was shipped to America on an exchange, where quake happened to be wrestling. We begged to become a tag team based on our past friendship and got it. We formed a tag team in a gothic stable, and it all moved from there. The mexican and Japanese style is a lot more serious though. They really put you through your paces. The training times are long, and because they are so eager and passionate, you get a lot of good instruction, but the pressure to deliver is huge. And also, I suppose the biggest difference is that they give the small guys a chance, and don't really touch on promos.

The QVC gimmick wouldn't really be too well suited to that environment then! Does that have anything to do with you not giving HKWF or UJW a chance while you were in the area?

Well, the QVC thing didn't come around until we were firmly established in America. In Japan I had a reputation as being a no nonsense hardcore luchador, haha. When me and quake went to XWF and formed our team, we needed a name, and I said 'what about putting our initials together?' So we became QVC, the Quake and Vyle connection. From there, whenever we had to cut a promo, we just focussed around being ourselves while 'selling' insulting products to our opponents. Of course, Japan, with its wacky sense of humour, responded well to us on tours, and it all kind of came full circle. I went from being big in Japan to being bigger... I still get a cheap pop by speaking Japanese though, so that always makes me stand out.

So no doubt you're looking forward to GZW's future trip to the land of the rising sun?

Totally. I love everything about Japan. I'm a huge anime fan, and they innovate some of the best moves. That's where my idols like Great Sasuke, Jushin Liger, Hayabusa, Keiji Mutoh and hayabusa are from. Without them, I wouldnt have half of my moves. Those guys value good wrestling, not the lumbering pace of some of the talentless monsters on this roster who were blessed with the gift of long legs and nothing more.

Well that is a common criticism of the American style of wrestling nowadays, but you'll be in the ring with one of these so called "big men" in the form of Seven on Sunday, along with HKWF's own Michael Lord... are you looking forward to that match?

Yes and no. Yes, because if I win, I'll be one step closer to getting some gold, and a match with Root would be cool. Also, beating a big guy like seven will prove that cruisers do have a role as something other than stepping beating Lord would get me some brownie points. No, because I don't like triple threat matches. I think they're cheap. Sure, if you're in the ring with some good guys, innovation can make a good highlight reel, but to be honest, I've never been a fan of seven's work, and haven't been able to track a tape of Lord down, so I don't know what to expect from him other than his dismal performance in Contest of champions. Let's just say it'll be difficult getting anything more than a 2 star match out of these two, but the resulting spectacle, should I win, will more than make up for it.

Right then, onto the viewers questions. First we have Mikey from Toronto, you're through to Vyle.

Yeah, I was just wondering what with all the new talent coming in who's caught Vyle's eye as a man to watch? Other than himself of course!!!

Hmm, I guess I would have to go with grim harvest. I know him from nWo, and he's a monster of a guy. He can break people down in so many ways it's almost scary, and his mic work is top notch. He's definitely one to watch if he actually remembers to show up to work. that's got him in trouble a lot in the past...he's a bit like Vampiro in that respect.

Thanks Mikey, and now we have Katrina

Hey Vyle!


I was just wondering, are you single, and in either case does life on the road make it difficult to maintain a relationship?

I am currently single, yes. I found maintaining relationships on the road too much trouble. At the moment, it would be easier, because I can afford my own private jet from careful saving, but then people see you together, and in the end, the offica always wants to bring your other half on TV, and it just causes too many problems.

Thank's Vyle, by the way, my number is...

Final question comes from James

Hey Vyle, other than your own match, which one are you most looking forward to at Heatwave II?

I'm going to be really biased and go with Quake vs Viktor. Quake's my main man, and his style is always great to watch, besides, I have a soft spot for watching matches from ringside.

That's about all the time we have before the break so thank you James, and indeed thank you Vyle for answering a few of our questions. All the best for your match on Sunday

Thanks, it was a blast.

Bye Vyle! We'll be right back! then showed a few adverts hyping Heatwave II and several of the feuds heading into it. There was also a plug for the GZW house shows running at numerous locations throughout America over the next few months~

Welcome back everyone, and before we move on to our next guest we have Creed's picks for Heatwave II!


Grudge Match
Bake The Cake Roberts versus The Happy Sumo

If this match makes it onto the Pay Per View it should provide some entertainment for the audience to open the show. I'm going to go with the Happy Sumo, cos if us fat guys can't stick together what else have we got left eh?

GZW2K1 Debut Match
Colby Anderson versus "Mr.Big" Nathan W.

Colby Anderson is the first of our Heatwave II debutants, and I reckon he'll chalk up the first (2nd assuming the above match gets promoted out of "dark" status) win of the night. I think Mr Big is about to launch another superstar!

GZW2K1 Debut Match
Richard Napier versus "Bad Rep" Mark A.

Another debutant, and another win for the newcomer. I've been watching Napier training with the other guys and he looks to be a real talent. "Bad Rep" shouldn't pose much of a threat to this guy's first step

Singles Match
Kid X versus James "Desecrator" Tanner

Toughest call I've had to make so far, but I reckon Tanner will be the one walking away with the victory. If these guys work as well as we all know they can then this match should be relatively entertaining.

GZW2K1 Extreme Heavyweight Championship Match: Fifty First Tables Match
Zander Frost versus "Human Dynamite" Jon Kellar

At the risk of upsetting the contest of champions winner I'm going to have to plump for Zander Frost in this one. He's much more at home in the hardcore environment than Kellar is, and I think in an endurance match like this it could tell. It'll be close, but I think Zander will sneak it and the Extreme Division will probably be better for it.

W.C.E.K. Television Championship Match
Viktor Kovalex versus Quake

It's tough to bet against either of these men, but Quake has really impressed me recently, so I think he'll retain the title. It wont be long before he's ready to push for the bigger leagues though, mark my words.

Three Way Match
(winner receives GZW2K1 United States Heavyweight Championship shot)
Mychael Lord versus Vyle versus "The Dark Angel" Seven

After Vyle's confident words earlier tonight I don't think I can write him off, but Seven and Lord are no pushovers! I'm still going for Vyle, but I dont think it'll be an easy contest!

GZW2K1 United States Heavyweight Championship Match
"The Black Rose" Shane Ryder versus "The Root" Amun Ma'at

As an all American citizen it pains me to say this but I don't think Shane Ryder has what it takes to topple the jihad warrior in this match. I say that through gritted teeth, but I think the Root is the better man in this match

GZW 2K1 In-Ring Return Match: Extreme Match: Cemetary Match
Necron the Grim Harvester versus "The Ace" Zachary Sharp

Whoever came up with the concept for this match obviously has a problem with both these guys. Expect blood to flow everywhere in this one and the term "winner" to be used very lightly at the end. As for the winner.... *coin toss* Grim Harvester.

GZW2K1 Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship Match
"Real Deal" Jimmy Williams versus Jay Jameson

Jameson, because Jimmy Williams is nothing more than an egotistical wussy boy. Slagged off everyone in the Contest of Champions and then didn't back up his words. I see him getting his ass handed to him again.

Singles Match
Cop Kahn Moral versus Vernon Vanderbilt

After throwing away the CoC through his own stupidity Vernon Vanderbilt is gonna have to prove himself to the fans, and I think he'll do it in this match. Expect this to be a wild ride with Vernon Vanderbilt coming out on top in the end.

GZW2K1 World Heavyweight Championship Match
"The Downfall" Seth Raide versus "Lone Gunman" Lord John Taylor

If I had a crystal ball, was psychic, could see the future through snapping my fingers and was an expert in dark magic I still couldn't tell you who was going to win this match. They've been building to this match for a long time and I have no doubt it'll live up to the hype. My pick for "Match of the Night" and John Taylor to retain, though he'll probably be holding his spleen in the other hand when he lifts the title.

Thanks for that Creed, and now let's move on to our second guest. The winner of the Contest of Champions VII and the reigning Extreme Heavyweight Champion Jon Kellar. Hello Jon welcome to the show.

Hey Guys, great to have word from back home!

Well don't get too excited Jon because one of us has just bet against you going into Heatwave II

Ha ha! Oh really? Which one?



It's ok Fairbanks, it was a rhetorical question. Creed's entitled to his opinion... but he might want to sleep with one eye open when I get back to the US! Heh!

Well anyway, welcome to the show. First thing's first, I hear congratulations are in order! Miss Sarah Wilson aka Dyna Might soon to become Mrs Jon Kellar?

Heh, thanks a lot James. You know I swear the table in the restaurant was bugged! Everyone seemed to know about it before I'd even mentioned it to anyone and it's been all over the Internet since before I even proposed!!!

Did you go down on one knee?

One knee? With the amount I'd had to drink to get up the courage I was down on all fours by that point!!!

It's funny that we're talking about this because we've just had Vyle on the show who mentioned how difficult it was to maintain relationships on the road?

Oh I don't doubt it, but what people forget is that Sarah and I have been a couple for a good few years and she's been my manager for the whole duration, so whenever I've been on the road she's been right there with me, and when we have our few days off we tend to spend them either at my flat in London or at her mansion in Florida, so we're very rarely apart.

Vyle also mentioned about head office always wanting to bring couples into storylines.

Yes that's very true, I think that's where the idea for the Frost-Dyna-Kellar angle that we're playing out at the moment came from. Sarah and I had just gotten engaged so the booking committee had the bright idea of playing on that since it seemed to have become common knowledge. Because Sarah and I have been doing storylines together for years it we're used to being on screen together so it didn't seem at all strange.

On another note, how're you enjoying Hong Kong?

It's fantastic, wonderful place! The people here are great and they've turned it into a really memorable first visit and Sarah's really been enjoying the shopping here in Victoria!

Oh so Sarah is out there with you?

Of course, storyline or not Sarah never misses a show and I love her for it! I can't say whether she'll turn up on Heatwave II as Dyna Might or not because I really don't know, that'll be decided by the guys in suits on the day, but  I can guarantee you she will be watching from somewhere in the arena. Kev's out here too so that we can film the Kellarvision segments heading into the Pay Per View so he will definitely be watching as well, though again I don't know if he will be involved.

You mentioned that this is your first visit? Have you never competed outside the United States before?

Oh yes, several times, but I've never been to Hong Kong. When I was in UCW we tended to tour the United States primarily for our TV shows, which took up about 2/3 of our bookings, and then we'd do the other 1/3 in Canada which was actually where the company was based, and then we'd have one Pay Per View per year in places like Japan and England, but when UCW went to Hong Kong I was injured, so I didn't travel.

So it really has been a month of new experiences!

Yeah, GZW's becoming more and more exciting every day for me. When I first came in I still had the voice in the back of my head asking me if I really wanted to get back in the ring again, but now that voice has been silenced and it feels great to be wrestling again.

You're being heralded by some to be the Breakout star of 2005 in GZW, but of course you're no rookie to the squared circle. Tell us a little about your UCW career.

Well I held every title while I was there, and I was named their breakout star too so hopefully lightning will strike twice for me! UCW was a great company to be with, and I met some really good people while I was there, some of whom I stay still stay in contact with despite being in GZW while they're all off doing their own thing in other federations. The problem with UCW was towards the end of it's life it became very much like the <wCw> of 1999-2001. Poor organisation, not building up new talent. By the time they put the World Title on me the company was already on the slide and all my title reign did was delay the inevitable. I got out of there before it went under in the most un-sanctimonious way possible, and then turned down the offer to do the reunion show which didn't even happen in the end due to lack of interest, such was the company's fall from grace!

And now onto GZW, first of all, congratulations on winning the Contest of Champions. How did that feel?

It's difficult to describe... I guess the way to put it is that it was the point at which I truly felt I had arrived in GZW, and I was certainly surprised at the way certain sections of the crowd turned pro-Kellar towards the end having booed the hell out of me when I first came out. Not sure whether or not that was a one off incident or not, I guess we'll have to wait and see at Heatwave II!

And speaking of Heatwave II, are you looking forward to your match with Zander Frost?

Yes, very much. I've seen a lot of Zander's tapes and he's an awesome competitor in the hardcore environment, and I feel I can learn a lot from him by wrestling him, so it should be an awesome experience. I'm not naturally an Extreme division competitor so the chance to work with someone like him doesn't come along very often, so I'm really glad to have this opportunity. I just hope I can live up to what's expected of me in this match and we can make the first ever "Fifty First Tables" something to remember for all the right reasons!

To the phones now, Harry you're through to Jon Kellar

Hey Jon, as a fellow Brit, I was wondering whether it is genuinely tough for foreign wrestlers to get the big breaks in Wrestling companies? It certainly seems to be the case in other promotions!

Well I'd hardly say I was being hard done by in GZW, and they do have an impressive history of pushing talent from all over the world all the way to the top, whereas UCW were more hesitant with me because of the way I worked in the ring at the time. There's been a lot of comparison between me and Union Jack by some of the other guys, and I have to admit I don't know too much about him so I can't comment, but GZW does seem to have a history of pushing foreign talent. I think it really does depend on which company you work for.

Thanks Harry. Now we have Jamie, ask your question.

If you made it to the main event at this years Aftermath, who would you like to be standing opposite you?

Ah... good question. I'm afraid I can't give you a definite answer there. GZW really is brimming with talent and there are so many names that spring to mind. Monarch, Tytan, Vyle, Taylor, Raide, Frost, Sharp, Pimp Bizkit if he were to return, Electric Sharpe, there's just to many to give a definite answer. Ask me nearer the time and if I've made it to the main event, and I'll give you an answer then!

One last question from Sarah,

Great name!

Thanks, first of all congratulations on your engagement

Thank you

Second of all, you're only 26 and when your UWA career ended you were only 25. After your brief stint on the British indies why did you decided to "retire" instead of returning to the US and what eventually made you decide to come back?

Well first of all on the question of why I "retired" from the ring, it had a lot to do with the manner in which my UCW career ended and the way I was treated in UWA. UCW's fall from grace hit me really hard, as I had a real soft spot for that company, and the organisation at UWA was absolutely atrocius. I came there as a former World Champion, and I even had to come back to UCW and put up with mountains of abuse from the fans in order to drop the World title just to join UWA, and they had me filling in the midcard wherever they were short of an opponent. I was effectively glorified development fodder as UWA tried to bury UCW even after it had died. I didn't want to risk going through that again and thus I decided to cut my losses and retire. As for why I came back, I guess old habits die hard and  I just missed being in the ring too much, and so here I am!

Well thank you Sarah, I'm afraid that's all we have time for. Jon thanks for calling in, and best of luck come Sunday night!

Thanks guys, god bless!

~Creed and Fairbanks then wrapped up the show with a few more Heatwave II plugs and thanked everyone for watching.~