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.::|RP Title:|::. Hulkamania is gonna run wild!
.::|Disclaimer:|::. This layout and banner was given to me by the owner of this WWE fed, Omar. The roleplay was done by your's truely, Matt! Remember, none of these remarks are made directly towards you, this is an RP, so anything said in here, do not take it personal! Peace.

Hulkamania is on his way to WWE and he has one thing in mind, and that's to become the next WWE Champion. Hogan has already arrived to New York. Hogan is scheduled to make an appearance at WWE New York. As the fans are waiting outside for Hogan's arrival, a long black stretch Hummer-limo pulls up to the entrance. Hogan steps out and the fans go insane. Hogan walks through the fans, tagging hands with them, and walks into to WWE New York. Hogan is immediately taken to the backstage where he will wait to be introduced on stage.

|_Michael Cole_| Hello everyone I'm Michael Cole alongside Al Snow and we are here live in WWE NEW YORK! Hulk Hogan has just arrived folks, and this crowd is off their feet!

|_Al Snow_| Cole, I cannot begin to describe how anxious we all are to see Hulkamania run wild as he once did before, and who can't wait till RAW when Hogan makes his debut match against the Rock!

|_Michael Cole_| I definitely can't wait Al, not only is Hulk Hogan going to make his debut, but several others as well. Like the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, and much more!

|_Al Snow_| Boy I Can't wait till RAW, Cole. But first, you have the special privelage of announcing Hulk Hogan onto stage right now!

|_Michael Cole_|Yea, I'll be rightr back ladies and gentlemen, you won't wanna miss this!

Michael COle goes up onto the stage as he grabs a mic from the stage production crew. The fans quiet down as they chant for Hogan.

|_Michael Cole_| Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to welcome to you live, from WWE New York, the man, the mythe, the legend...HULK...HOGAAANNN!!!

Jimmy Hendrix's music hits the PA system and Hogan walks out onto stage and the crowd goes crazy! Hulkamania is runnin wild! Hulk grabs the mic from Michael Cole and shakes his hand. Cole goes back to the announcment table and Hogan waits and looks around the huge crowd and nods his head.

|_Hulk Hogan_| You guys are awesome dude! I am so stoked about coming back to the WWE, and most of all I have millions and millions of Hulkamaniacs standing side by side with Hulk Hogan, this is great brother! I can't wait to get in that ring and stand face to face with that loud mouth punk, the Rock! I am gonna kick his ass from sea to shinnig sea brother! Then, I'll go on to win this tournament for the WWE Champoinship and where that title around my waist and let it represent what the WWE stands for! Not only that, I will make America proud and give them a true champion, who will never back down from a fight or a challenge! If anybody knows anything about America it's the Hulkamaniacs, and I'll let you choose who you want to represent as your champion!

Hulk Hogan points the mic to the crowd and tyhey all chant his name! Hogan smiles and nods his head.

|_Hulk Hogan_| You remember this brothers, as much as you stand behind Hulkamania, Hulkamania stands behind you! You just reminded me how great it feels to stand in front of a live crowd, and for that, I will always fight the good fight and fight for whats right! Beating the Rock, thas right, and I plan on doing just that! The Rock is going to have his ass handed right to him by the true People's Champion, Hulk Hogan! And if Rocky is watching, than hear me now brother! Monday night, there will be nothing you can do, nothing you can say, nowhere you can go, and no where you can hide, because Hulkamania is coming for ya! Hulkamania is comin to getchya brother! So let me ask you this Rock, I have just one question for you...
Whatchya gonna do Rock...?

Hulk drops the mic as his music plays. He goes to each side of the stage and puts his hand to his ear as the crowd cheers him on. He gets in the center of the stage and does his poses. Hogan walks off stage and leaves WWE New York, on his way out, he signs autographs. Then, he gets in his limo and goes on his way to the gym, "Wrestling Power Point". This gym isn't a public gym, it's private gym used for wrestlers in training only, and Hogan is a member of the gym and has been for the past twenty years. Hogan's limo drops him off in front of the gym entrance and Hogan tells the limo driver to come back in an hour or so. Hogan grabs his gym bag and walks into the gym quickly before being recognized on the streets. Hogan steps in and shakes a few hands on his way to the locker room. He finds an empty locker and puts his stuff inside as he changes. He walks over to the weights and begins a set of vertical bench pressing. Hogan begins thinking to himself...

|_Hulk Hogan_| Man I gotta beat Rock this Monday, this is my first match back to the WWE, and I'm not gonna let anybody ruin this for me and all my Hulkamaniacs! I'll be damned if Rock tries anything slick, that coward is always up to no good. I'll teach him a lesson, he'll know never to to get in Hulkamania's way, or else he'll be shut down! I can't wait to run wild on him! He has no idea what's in store for him.

Hogan focuses back on his workout, and continues to vary from set to set.

Hulkamania will be back!