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HELL FACTOR NEWS: TITLE FIGHTS will be feb 12th 5-10 pm eastern--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HELLo peoples!!!!!! Yes it its I the infamouse Hey From Hell, bak to the net letin all you Hell Factor members know the scoop on our up coming events and faction plans. Well ladies and gentlemen, its a new game new season new rules,and ofcourse, new people being cheap or Were off to a great start but the main plan ,4 right now, in the Hell Factor management is recrute more members. We have been hard at work gettin new members to build our forces in this SVR same as the last 1. We have it planned wen we get 15-20 SVR 06 people,is when the moment your all waiten 4 will be apuon us. IN RELATED NEWS, It has come to our attention, lots of people have been quiting svr06 recently, because of all the cheaters and cheapness that has been goin on. At this current time all clans are loseing fighters because of this very same reason. But we strongly urge the remaining members to know ,it WILL get better. We saw this very same thing in svr1.The codes come out 4 a game and people figure out the cheap moves,and YES it is frustrateing. But if we stick together like we have in the past well pull through this rather infuryateing time as allways.But in the mean time, we need to make up 4 all the people we have lost ,to the plage thats spreading through out our game. So if any one knows of any one good send them our way.We trust all the current members judgement ,and are going to be promoting those willing to recruters.So lets get the very best and those with potential to see what we see, that were the oldest and best faction online ever!!--------------------------AND ABOUT THE TITLES. We currently have 4 exclusive Hell Factor titles. Hell Factor champion, Ultimit Team Tag Team champs, The Hell Factor Inter Realm champion, and finaly the Hell's Cell champion. Now keep in mind these are Hell factor titles ONLY! These titles CAN NOT be put on the line agenst non Hell Factor members. But dont worrie we will come up with titles you can let any 1 challenge 4 but the HF TITLES ARE 4 HF SANTIONED MATCHES ONLY. And as I allways do, You not only get to keep the belt if you win,I'll be sending out assorted WWE prize packages to the winners of the titles as I have in the past. So good luck and lez get us some new members!!--------------------------------------------WE NOW HAVE A FORUM. Thats right no more emailing Hey to get a message to some So please take the time to register for it, so yall can talk any time!------------------------------------------------------------------------------HI PEOPLES. It has come to our attention alot of new people are joining and we need to recover our rules. 1.FAIRNESS:HF is 1 of the fairest clans on svr and we want to keepit that way. Do note cheapness is concidered cheating to us. cheap moves are: spear (when over used), head butt to stomach, back headbutt , jeff hardy kick, Hogan hulk or as they call it the power up. the only 2 of these moves allowable by HF is the JH kick and spear, but anyone caught abuseing those 2 will b dealt with accordingly.2: Also note HF dones not allow hacking or codes. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT EVEN OWNING A HACKED CAW YOU WILL BE FIRED. 3: we have certain allies in svr. what I mean is theres clans we are good friends with sence svr1.heres the list of those clans. FW , RoE , D.Roe .these clans run under the same rules and guidelins as us. IF YOU DO encounter a cheater or cheapness outa people from these clans, report it to me or UyU as soon as possible. We know the leaders of these clans and can fix the situation, also report to us BEFOR you accuse members of these clans of cheapness or cheating. the reason is, it may just be a misunderstanding. an example of this is people have been accuseing FW people of usen turbo...thats simply just not true. the reason they can make people tap so fast is the technique they use to mash the buttons,which by the way I will be happy to show any HF member who wants to learn how it works. 4. HF titles can only be won in 2 ways, by pin fall after u preform your special or by submission. the reason we do this is to stop the accuasations of cheapness in our title fights. NOW PLEASE NOTE, all of these rules are serious business. we have functioned as a clan sence svr 1 day 1 ,and these rulse have been prooven by now to keep order and happyness in all members. BREAKING ANY OF THESE RULES IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE. So please try your hardest to follow them and help us uphold the reputation weve all worked so hard together to make.