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FIGHT STRATIGES &CAWS USED BY HF MEMBERS -------------------------------------------------------------- Ok were gonna do something a lil different this time round 4 the caws and stratigies. Sence we now have the ability to just trade caws outright theres no point in me listing how you make them.So instead Im jus gonna list our members and the caws they have and you can find them and trade at your descretion. And please HF members submit ur caw list and any match straigies u think may be usefull, by emailing them to me. Ill be posting them as soon as I get them.----------------------------{HF}HeyOfHel's caws: Inuyasha, Full Metal Edward, Yusuke Urameshi, Kuwabara, Heie, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Vash The stampede, Wolfwood, Vegeta, Piccolo, Char Aznivle, Hero Yuey, Tetsuo, (most my caws are anime charicters)oridg:Hey From Hell, El Diablo, Vladimear, Dr.Greenthumb,----------------------------------------------------------------{HF}UyU's caws: Hells Bully, Bountyhunter, One man gang, Rasta Blunts, Soul of Sin, Gorrilla Rome, uUyUu, Trash Man,- {HF}Sam's caws: Sam, Blutigel, Dr.death, Ultimo Sam, King Diamond, Nero, Ducci, --------------------------------------