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Out Of Control Wrestling

Card For The Next Show
Title History

Hardcore Backyard Wrestling has changed its name. Welcome to the official site of Out Of Contorl Wrestling. The most extreme, violent, homocidal, suicidal, genocidal, backyard wrestling today!

A lot has happened in Out Of Control Wrestling in the last year. Unfortuantly all of our results were deleted by accident. So here is a brief update of what has happened so far: A new hardcore wrestler named Misery debuted and Kristen now manages him. Rough Cut and Young Blood formed a team again and are now feuding with the current tag team champions Kid Krazy and Rukkus. Super Beast and Ballz have spilt up as a tag team and at a recent show Beast pinned Ballz to get him banned from wrestling in OOCW for three months. In that same match, Psycho pinned Kaos to win the OOCW title. Venom retired from hardcore wrestling and now only wrestles regular matchs. He had what could be the best match in OOCW history at the last show against a new highflyer in OOCW by the name of Twister. Twister is also the current super juniors champion. The current TV champion is Kash who has been feuding as of late with Matt Cool. We also started to run indoor shows at our high school gym when it gets to cold to run outdoor shows. We will continue to post the new results. The card for the next show is up now. We will be redoing the whole website and will have all news results. Injoy!