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....::::The Game Triple H::::....

Scene opens in a very big mansion where The Game Triple H lives, it goes right upto the front door and Triple H opens it.

Triple H - "Well if it isnt MTV Cribs! Hello out there to all off my millions of fans. Now all my wrestling fans that have tuned into MTV today to come invade my privacy ill let you into a few things. Now Hardcore Holly I hope your watching this because I wanna show you what you could have, I mean you have been around quiet some time now havent you? And im not one to boast about what I have to others but since its you ill make an exception, what im getting at is my success compared to yours. I mean you come down to the ring running your big gob chatting alout of shit about not liking new faces in Extreme Hardcore Wrestling, I wonder why that is? it is because you feel threatened because you might get knocked down lower then you already are in ranking? From what I hear you as low as you can go. As you know Triple H maybe a new face in Extreme Hardcore Wrestling but is no stranger to you! I have faced you many of times and have never lost to you, and believe me i dont intend to start now. When we meet in the man in a box match you will get pedigreed then I think you can have another and another Im gonna go crazy on you. Now you go on about this about the affects you have seen in pictures and videos, im like yourself new to this match and because im Triple H I dont or wont back down to any fight ever! The affects you have seen are no where near the as bad as you till be. I have to wish you good luck on your match though Hardcore because asmuch as i hate you I do have some respect for you. You are doing pretty well in EHW with Al Snow, I hope I have asmuch impact you had when you first came here. The only difference I will be known for my impact as you and everyone in this company and fans from around the world will see.

Triple H - "Lets leave wrestling for abit and move onto my house, now moving into this room here it is my fame room. I keep all my pictures here with all top celebs. Here you see me with 50 Cent, he is a top guy and a great music star. Moving on, down these stairs is the greatest part of my crib, its my gym. I come here to take all my frustatration on, so as you can imagine im down here quite alot. I have spent alot of money on these machines and proud to have such a great gym in my home, this is where me and Shawn Michaels used to work out all the time, now Shawn and I have finished as friends its just me. Thats now offical aswell, you all seen Shawn and me the other day and as he said whats done is done, he has Stephanie now which makes him a lucky man, he has the world title things are going well for him but HBK you time will come. When you see me in the ring defeating everyone it will make you sit back and start to worry, wondering wheather or not your next, wheather or not im gonna take Stephanie of you or not because you no she still loves me.

Triple H's door bell rings as Triple H looks at the camara then runs up stairs. The camaraman follows him closly, Triple H opens the door and there at the door is Paul Heyman, Triple H lets Paul Heyman in as the both go and sit down.

Triple H - "Alright Paul what brings you here?

Paul Heyman - "Hi Triple H, I would just thought I would come over and see how you was feeling ahead of your big match with Hardcore Holly? Your first match back in 2 years?

Triple H - "Well I would like to thank you for coming round checking if I was ok, makes me feel welcome. Im feeling pretty confident to be honest with you Paul, im feeling in great shape after being out for 2 years and im really looking forward to being back in the buisiness.

Paul Heyman - "We are glad to have you back, we have got big plans for you here. I heard a few rumours about you and a few people getting together can you confirm them?

Triple H - "Paul Heyman the rumour mill! Well im not giving nothing away but I realished I needed to get back-up so thats what I have tryed today, when me and HBK finished for good I got a few calls of a few wrestlers with a few convincing plans. I have not decided on anything yet but HBK watch your back!

Paul Heyman - "Not giving anything away, dont blame you really Hunter. Anyway I have got to go so cya.

Triple H - "Ye cya later Paul.