"The Graveyard Phenom" The Gravedigger
~Name of Roleplay~

beginning of the dead

~Next Victim~

the bull and tha ice man

~Next Match~

the gravedigger and evil sid vs. the bull and tha ice man in tag team action

~Most Notable Fueds~

none as of yet


wce united states champion (current)


the undertaker

"The Graveyard Phenom" The Gravedigger

(the segment opens up after a commercial performance by current wwe superstar the doctor of thuganomics john cena doing a freestyle rap presenting yj stinger straight from stacker two to a jam packed arena with thousands of screaming fans who are awaiting the final world class entertainment fully loaded preview post show before an awesome event comes their way.)

(there has been a lot of controversy in the wce as of late and hopefully some of what seems to be a lot of complications gets cleared up by the time fully loaded ends.)

*the oklahoma university band theme hits over the PA music sound system as jim ďjrĒ ross makes his way out from behind the curtains and onto the stage wearing blue jeans and a black business shirt with his usual cowboy hat on his head and wearing his glasses. jr makes his way towards the steps leading to the announcers table. ross reaches the steps and goes down to his black leather chair and puts his head set on and then he sits down and awaits his colleague.

*the royal kingdom theme hits over the PA sound music system as jerry ďthe kingĒ lawler makes his way out from behind the curtains and out onto the stage and then stops in his tracks to smile and wave to the crowd while wearing a royal jacket, his wrestling attire, and with his crown in his left hand. the king makes his way to the announcers table where jim ross currently is. king makes his way down the steps and stops to continue to look and smile at the crowd. king sits in his black leather chair and puts his head set on.*

*the two announcers are now prepared to give the audience and the viewers at home their wce fully loaded preview post show report*

jim ross: hello ladies and gentleman. iím jim ross alongside jerry ďthe kingĒ lawler. and we are here tonight to give you your final wce fully loaded preview post show report. in only a matter of hours away we will all witness what is probably going to be one of the most controversal events in wce history. many eventful matches will be taking place at fully loaded and they are all a canít miss.

the event will be taking place in atlanta, georgia in none other than the staples center which is a very appropriate setting for this very crucial event as we are narrowing down to our pay per view. the very first match will present the debut of david fidler who will be going head to head with one of the very best ďthe new era of wrestlingĒ kevin baumann. kevin baumann hopes to put the young rookie in his place in a section of doom match. we know little of what kind of match that is. but iím sure itís going to be very intense.

king: i just donít see how this is far for david fidler jr. he hasnít wrestled in a match yet and our owner is already making him face kevin baumann in a section of doom match? thatís just horrible. he should start from the bottom and work his way up to the top just like everyone else so he doesnít miss a beat. i sure hope fidler knows what heís getting himself into.

jr: if i donít recall, it was fidler who wanted the match in the first place. in any event, the next match features yet another debut as three rookies in chad merril, the ninja, and head banger mike will all be debuting in none other than a triple threat match. howís that for starting out at the bottom and working their way up? instead of facing people that have already experienced the ring, theyíre all going to have their first experience against one another in a triple threat match.

king: now that is smart. that is exactly what i was talking about earlier. now that they will just be making their debuts against one another they can all relax just a little bit more so that they know that they have an opportunity to get used to the feel of being in the ring before they get themselves into anything serious just like david fidlerís getting himself into against the legendary kevin baumann.

jr: it seems as if this fully loaded is the evening of the debut matches as there will be once again two other superstars who are looking to prove themselves in their debut match as justin carr takes on jack andrews. nobody knows much about either of these two men but let me tell you, iíve seen this two young guys training in the ring, and they look ready for business.

king: they better be ready for business if they want to make a living in world class entertainment. this is a very serious business wrestling is and we are here to accomplish our goals and dreams. those who donít believe in that very theory might as well leave right now. i mean, i accomplished what i wanted to. iím sitting here doing a fully loaded preview post show next to the veterany jim ross.

jr: thanks a lot king. i appreciate that. and to think i just thought you were a syked up jackass this whole time. now in this next match, there is a lot that will be on the line. silver will be squaring off against the bad rapper dre johnson. now if dre johnson wins, he can pick a partner of his choosing to face silver and dynamo at the blood bath in a tlc tag team championship match! in this particular match up, dynamo will be banned from ringside.

king: wow, this is going to be great! now iím actually pulling for dre johnson. i want to see a tables, ladders, and chairs match for the wce tag team titles at the blood bath so bad. that would be a terrific match to see. go dre go! and i think dre johnson has the upper hand in this match anyway. heís been around longer and he is much more talented than silver.

jr: well, i donít know about that. but letís just move on to our main event. and what a main event it is as evil sid and the gravedigger take on the bull and the ice man in tag team action. now evil sid and the bull will be going one on one at the blood bath. so this is an early opportunity for both of them to get their hands on each other before the blood bath comes to us live.

but last week on fully loaded the gravedigger decided to chokeslam evil sid straight to hell. so evil sid and the gravedigger might have some trouble getting along in the match. but if they do, theyíre going to be one hell of a tag team. and the bull completely screwed over tha ice man out of his match against the gravedigger and now he no longer has the opportunity to face the deadman at the blood bath for the united states championship.

king: i cannot believe our owner is letting all of these men get their hands on each other so close to the blood bath. i donít think this is going to be a tag team match. this is going to be a slugfest between all four of these men. all hell is going to break loose jr. and the chokeslam gravedigger gave to evil sid. that was just as scary as everything else the gravedigger does. of course theyíre not going to co-exist as a tag team.

the bull made a big mistake in messing with tha ice manís affairs in his wce united states title hunt. there is going to be a lot of hell to pay come this tag team match up.

*the lights in the arena go out completely as the arena is now pitch black and the fans begin to stand up from their seats and raise their arms high in the air and start screaming as loud as they can.*


(the fans begin to cheer even louder as the ďgongĒ of the dead has covered the entire arena.)

*lighting strikes from both sides of the big screen on the titontron where the superstars entrance videos come on and smacks straight to both sides of the ring with authority as the power of the dead seems to be getting stronger.*


awwww awwww awwww awwww

*smoke begins to rise from beneath the walkway ramp and starts to move up and down the ramp. the thick greyish smoke makes its way around the ring and eventually ends up inside the squared circle.*


awwww awwww awwww awwww


awwww awwww awwww awwww


awwww awwww awwww awwww

*the graveyard symphany hits over the PA sound music system as the graveyard phenom the gravedigger makes his way out from behind the curtains and out onto the top of the ramp right under the titontron wearing a black leather trench coat, a vintage top hat, black harbinge work out gloves, and his regular wrestling attire underneath. the deadman slowly begins to pace himself and starts to make his way to the ring with the smoke risen from beneath the ground surrounding his feet and ankles.*

*the gravedigger finally reaches the ring as he stands his ground for a couple of seconds as he stares into the squared circle. digger turns quickly towards the corner and begins to make his way towards the ring steps. the deadman reaches the steps, holds his trench coat off to the sides, moves up the steps, and slowly raises his arms to make the lights in the arena come on while doing the deadman eyes by rolling his eyes to the back of his head.*

*the gravedigger walks on the apron and steps over the second rope while holding his hat to prevent it from falling off of his head and doing his trademark swish with his black leather trench coat. the grim reaper heads to the corner to retreive a microphone from lillian garcia as the graveyard symphany comes to a close*

the gravedigger: in just one week away i am going to have the opportunity to become the wce world heavyweight champion as i have to go through two other men in order to accomplish my one of many dreams. dre johnson and kevin baumann, now i have a lot of respect for kevin baumann. but as far as dre johson is concerned, i have no likeness in him at all.

but iím not here tonight to talk about something thatís going to go down a week away. i came out here to talk about something thatís going to happen one day away. and this my match tomorrow evening in atlanta, georgia at the staples center. iím going to be involved in my first tag team match up of my career. iíve never even been in tag team action with my father the undertaker.

and thatís all for good reason. i donít like to have tag team partners. iím not here to make any friends. and my partner is the very same person i chokeslamed to hell last week on fully loaded evil sid. iím pretty sure a lot of people are wondering why i did what i did when i chokeslammed evil sid. itís not very complicated if you think long and hard about it. hell, you donít even have to think about it. the explanation is staring at you in the face.

evil sid. that is a very interesting name. iím the most evil man in all of wrestling. and this freakin jackass comes out of nowhere and calls himself evil sid as if heís some god damn devil or something. letís get something straight sid, iím the only devil around here. iím the fucking apocalypse. i did what i did to you for many reasons. if you are as evil as you say you are. than that means you are a threat to my power.

and that is something i cannot have. if i have a threat to my power, than i have to take care of it. i thought what i did to you last week was only the beginning of me and you. all i was intending last week was to send you a little message that the gravedigger doesnít like what you think youíre doing here and that you better watch your ass. but i see that the owner is trying to end all of that by booking us in a tag team match.

look, just because me and you are going to be partners tomorrow night, doesnít mean that i like you. it doesnít mean me and you are over. this shit between me and you hasnít even started. now iím willing to put all that shit on the side tomorrow eveing and take care of the more important business if youíre willing to co-exist with the deadman. and if youíre not, well than nobody is going to co-exist.

i will just beat every mother fucker i see around me. and itís going to end up becoming a four way brawl. law inforcement isnít even going to be able to stop me from tearing all of you little bastards apart. i have no problem what so ever in doing what i really want to do to you. but if you want to put all that shit aside and take care of those two punks the bull and tha ice man, just let me know. and weíll rip their freakin arms off.

now you have a match against the bull at the blood bath. and iíd be willing to help you get an edge on that litte monkey so you have a much more fun time at beating his ass. and nothing would make me happier than to get my hands on tha ice man again seeing as how the bull screwed it all up last week. i had tha ice man right where i wanted him and the whore bull came out of nowhere and messed it all up.

so what do you say me and you cut the shit and rip apart those two bitches? iíll tell you what. you let me know what you want to do about this when it comes to our match. now i know youíre a little pist off about me chokeslamming you. thereís no denying that. i would be pist too. but like i said, you are a threat to my power if you are for real. and we are going to take care of this.

but me chokeslamming you was not all just about you being a threat to my power. in world class entertainment you have to make an impact. and i want to make a big impact before my match at the blood bath in a triple threat match for the wce championship. i want to go into that match with as much momentum as possible. and the tag team match me and you are going to take part in will be all the momentum iím going to need.

two evil monsters going head to head with two normal people, the normal people donít stand a chance what so ever. this match belongs to us. so youíre going to have your edge against the bull for the blood bath. and iím going to have all the edge i need when i enter my my match for my wce championship. that title is coming to me. iím going to be the first double champion in wce history.

iím already the first champion in wce history period. i won the united states championship in a twenty man battle royal. i worked my ass off to win that match. and iím working my ass off to train for our tag team match up. and iím definately working my ass off and training for my match at the blood bath. we all are. atleast i hope so. otherwise somebody is going to go home in a body bag. as if theyíre not going to anyway.

i mean my god, have you seen the bull run his mouth in his interviews about crap that doesnít even matter? i mean, is that entrance suppost to intimidate someone. because it sure as hell isnít intimidating me. nothing you do is scaring me. i know a lot of the thing i do scare the shit out of people. and thatís good. but nothing youíre doing is making any sort of impact on anybody. youíre nothing but a no load joke.

this is actually pretty funny. oh wow, youíre the bull. thatís so scary. well, iím the gravedigger bitch. and iím going to take a lot of pleasure in burying your ass after me and evil sid beat you into a bloody freakin pulp! will i have remorse doing what iím going to do to you? no, iím not going to have any remorse. am i sorry for what i did to evil sid by chokeslamming his ass to hell? no, i had no remorse about that.

i donít feel sorry about anything i do. if i beat the shit out of you, itís your own damn fault. itís your fault that you wanted to square off with the deadman in the first place. itís your fault you got caught messing around in my business. tomorrow night, iím going to take care of that business. at fully loaded, i mean big business against you and tha ice man. at the blood bath, now that is something that iím going to be all business at.

now letís talk about the tag team match a little bit. let me talk about my opponents. the bull and tha ice man. the bull screwed the ice man out of winning the united states championship from me one week ago at fully loaded. thatís not true at all. tha ice man never had me beat in that match. there is no way in heaven or hell that i was going to lose to that freezed up little bitch. no way in hell.

i could really care less about how you two are going to get along in your match. me and evil sid are going to do just fine in beating both of your asses and having our hands raised in victory at the end of the match. me and evil sid arenít friends. but we have respect for one another. and we have respect for the game. you know the old saying ďdonít hate the player, hate the gameĒ?

you know what i say to that? i say fuck that stupid crap. i respect the game. i like the game. i love the game. and i hate every other player in the game with the exception of maybe a few people. but thatís it. iím not a very forgiving guy. what the bull did in my match with tha ice man, the shit he pulled off, i will never forgive him for that. even after i beat his face in, i will still not forgive him there will always be a place in my heart for you bull.

a place where i can whoop your ass. the same goes for you ice man. this united states title is my united states title. and nobody is ever going to take it away from me. this championship means everything to me. i have all the love and respect in the world for this chunk of gold. and itís going to be that much sweeter when i win the wce world heavyweight championship. i havnít held it yet, but i love that title already.

hell, thatís why iím here in the first place. to be the very best. and if i win the wce title, that will prove that i am the very best. and better yet, if i can prove that i have the capabilities and i am responsible enough to be a double champion, that will prove that i am that much better than everybody else. i will than by known as un-stop-able! iím the deadman baby. and you cannot kill that which is already dead. and the dead will prevail and become the best there is.

tomorrow night, there is going to be hell to pay. oh there is going to be a lot of hell to pay. and i will the man of destruction. nothing will stand in my way. i will not be denied my prey. by the time iím through with the bull and tha ice man, theyíre going to wish that they never got into the business of wrestling to begin with. because that is what i do. i make people unwish their wishes. and a lot of that is going to be happening tomorrow night.

come fully loaded, the dead will rise again. come the blood bath, the dead will rise again. the shadows of the dead are coming for you fuckers left and right, up and down, theyíre everywhere. and there is no escaping my wrath. sure you can try. but i can guarandamntee that youíre not going to get very far. after i have completed what has to be done, i will bowe in the middle of this ring, and i will raise my titles high in the air so everybody knows that the gravedigger truly is for real!

the time of the dead has come.


(the graveyard symphany hits over the PA sound music system as the gravedigger drops the microphone and makes his way out of the ring. the deadman slowly paces himself up the ramp and to the back. the segment ends with the gravedigger rolling his eyes to the back of his head to the camera.)