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TCW Infectious

TCW Presents


Live from Dallas, Texas



" Truth " by Limp Bizkit hits the PA system as Pyros explode at the stage entrance. Cameras go live from The American Airlines Arena. A few signs are shown. One reads...."Welcome home Silver".....another one reads..."R.I.P."....another reads... "The Franchise".....and other one.."I'm here to see Eva Riot". Cameras then take the fans at home to the announcers' where Phil Demot and Ric Biggs await.

Phil Demot : Welcome to Bid D folks. We are live from American Airlines Arena in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Tonight Promises to be a night to remember. Headlining the night it will be The Minister putting his title on the line against Matt Styles. This is a rematch from Destination Dirty South, but this time, instead of a Coffin Match the two men will step inside the House of Styles!

Ric Biggs : A cage completely made out of barbwire and the only way to win is by escaping. The World Champ has his hands full tonight, that's for sure.

Phil Demot : No doubt about it Ric. Also tonight Corey Ramirez will face the Monster, Headrush! In a first to four corners match!

Ric Biggs : Don't forget Phil, we are also going to see The Hardcore Wrestling Messiah, Snake Ridge take on our Carnage X Champion in a light tube tables match!

Phil Demot : ....and who will be Nick Johnon's guest tonight on the first ever installment of "The Asylum".

Ric Biggs : Who knows and who cares, if you ask me.

Phil Demot : Either way, we will find out tonight!......Well folks, this is Infectious and you know how we do this, so lets head to the ring, where Kelly Carr is standing by.

Kelly Carr : The following Match is a Tables Match.

Paper Cut by Linkin Park blast over the PA system, and a thick smoke begins to fill the top of the ramp..The lights flicker as Hostinhel makes his way out from backstage.

Kelly Carr : Introducing first.....Hostinhel!!

A few fans try and start a Hostinhel chant, but then out from the back David Perfect comes running down the ramp and attacks Hostinhel from behind. Perfect's forearm blow sends Hostinhel to the floor and Perfect taunts the crowd and makes his way to the ring. He slides into the ring and walks over to a corner and laughs as he waits for Hostinhel to get into the ring.

Phil Demot : Well if that's not a cheap shot I don't know what is.

Ric Biggs : Hell if you ask me, that's just a smart move on Perfect's part.

Hostinhel makes his way into the ring and Perfect runs over and starts stomping Hostinhel as he tries to make it to his feet. Perfect takes a step back and as Hostinhel turns around Perfect throws a right punch, but Hostinhel dodges the punch and lands a boot to the Perfect's mid-section. Hostinhel quickly grabs Perfect and delivers a DDT. Perfect sprawls out on the mat and Hostinhel goes to the outide of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it under the ropes. Honstinhel then grabs a steel chair at ringside and slides back into the ring.

Phil Demot : For good measure Hostinhel grabs Kelly Carr's chair.

Ric Biggs : Tell Kelly she can come sit on my lap.

Perfect struggles to his feet as Hostinhel comes over and smashes the steel chair into Perfect's back. David falls to a knee and Hostinhel swings the chair again and connect to the back again and Perfect falls to the mat. Hostinhel drops the chair on Perfect's head and goes to the top of the turn buckles. Hostinhel plays to the crowd, leaps and lands a leg drop on top of the chair, that smashes Perfect's head.

Phil Demot : Sweet move from up above by Hostinhel!

Hostinhel then sets up the table in the middle of the ring and drags Perfect to his feet. David quickly lands an elbow and fights away from Hostinhel's grip. Perfect then whips himself off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Hostinhel steps aside and goes for a chop, but Perfect blocks it. Perfect then drop kicks Hostinhel into the ropes. Hostinhel grabs the ropes and catches his breathe as Perfect gets back to his feet. The two men then lock up next to the table. Perfect then wraps his arm around Hostinhel's neck and tries to choke him to sleep. Hostinhel becomes weary and Perfect then hits a quick suplex. Perfect gets up and taunts the crowd and checks the stability of the table. David then brings Hostinhel to his feet and whips him into the ropes and goes for a spinebuster and hits it on Hostinhel. Perfect brings him back to his feet and rolls him up on the table. Perfect them climbs on the table and brings Hostinhel to his feet in a careful manner.

Phil Demot : Perfect has him on his feet, this could be it.

Ric Biggs : Look out below....

Perfect is set to drive Hostinhel's head through the table, but Hostinhel fights back and lands an elbow to the kidneys of David Perfect. Hostinhel then pushes Perfect off of the table and Perfect flies back and lands spine first on the mat below. This knocks the air out of Perfect, so Hostinhel quickly hops down and whips Perfect into the ropes and hits the "Hostile End" on David.

Rid Biggs : Holy Shit, Perfect's ribs were just crushed!

Hostinhel picks up the chair raises it in the air and plays to the crowd and gets a pop. Hostinhel then slams the chair down onto Perfect's head. With a huge thud, Perfect stiffens up at first then his body goes limp on the mat. Hostinhel then drags him to his feet, picks him up and Powerbombs him through the table!

Kelly Carr : Here is your winner.....Hostinhel!

Phil Demot : Hostinhel is back and he has a win!

Hostinhel starts stomping the hell out of Perfect's head as he lay lifeless on the broken table and the mat. The ref finally gets Hostinhel to stop and raises his hand in victory. Hostinhel then climbs to the top ropes and plays to the crowd once again, to celebrate his victory.

Ric Biggs : Thats a nice win by Hostinhel. Poor David Perfect, hes going to be picking splinters out of his head all night.

Phil Demot : I'd be surprised to see him in action next week after this brutal display. Never the less folks, the show must go on and right now I understand that Jenny Love is backstage with a TCW roster member. Jenny take it away.

Cameras leave the announcers' table and we are taken back stage where Jenny Love is standing by.

Jenny Love : Thanks guys. Right now I am standing by with the challenger in tonight's Main Event World Title match. The Franchise Matt Styles. Matt I have a few questions for you.

Matt Styles : Give me the damn mic! Now get out of here! Scram bitch....Jenny Love, what a stupid name. Now you people here in Dallas and you people at home shut the hell up and listen to the real champ around here. Minister may have had his way with me at DDS in the coffin match, but this time things are different. You see everyone, We are going to face off in a House of Styles Match. A barbwire cage match straight from The Franchise Matt Styles! You people in Dallas should feel lucky. Your stupid football team sux, so at least you get to see something entertaining tonight! The House of Styles Match will not dissappoint and I will become...World Champion...once again!!

The cameras zoom in on Matt's face as a big cocky smile comes over his face and he starts to laugh. TCW airwaves then cut to commercials.

1) TCW No Remorse
2) Dues of Hazzard Movie
3) Snake Ridge Reality Show

The cameras cut back to the ringside area as the lights dim and there is an explosion at the entrance ramp and the sounds of Disturbed's "Droppin Plates" are heard. Then HeadRush makes his way out onto the entrance stage. He looks around then makes his way to ringside.

Kelyl Carr: "Making his way to the ring, the MONSTER!!! HeadRush!!!!!!!!"

He steps over the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. Raises his hands towards the heavens then slam them towards hell as fire shoots from the turnbuckels.

HeadRush stands there for a moment and begins to walk back and forth across the ring as the lights return to normal and his music fades out slowly.

Kelly Carr: "And now making his way to the ring at this time..He is 6'0 and weighs 190 lbs, hailing frmo Riverside California, he is the Cocaine King, Corey Ramirez!!!! The arena falls dark, and a little children's sinister voices can be heard laughing and chattering incoherently at first, in the background you can hear swingsets and teeter totters being played on. Then a little girls voice stands out over it all so does a jump rope skipping off the ground as she jumps, and she speaks in an innocent but at the same time creepy voice.

Little Gir l: Now its your turn to cry and beg for some miracle from your god and whine like a hog Everthing that comes goes by Its your turn I hope you die In the shadow of the valley of death.

The children start laughing and fade out slowly. A deep demonic voice kicks in distorting a bit as it speaks.

Voice: Welcome to my Playground!

The voice carrys on for a moment speaking english backwards repeating the phrase over and over.

Voice: Stnerap eht ot yhtapmys ym!

As it comes to an end "I Take Drugs" by Murderdolls booms over the sound system as a red strobe light starts blinking, Corey walks out to the center of the ramp.

Nina makes her way out slowly, her and Corey begin their way down the ramp and Corey leaps up on the side of the barricade leaning over tagging fans hands. Nina stands motionless as fans reach out hoping to get their hands tagged, Nina actually looks at their hands and backs away, Corey hops down and him and Nina continue to the ring, he slides into the ring, he stands up and leaps to the top turnbuckle and stands up straight listening to the crowds cheers, he pulls down his hood and looks side to side at the arena, around his eyes is black eye shadow, the camera zooms in on his face as it flashes red to darkness rapidly you see Corey bare his teeth at the camera, he leaps down and paces the ring, rowdily pulling off his hoody, exposing his arms which are covered in Fish Net arm stockings, he leans over the rope and tosses the hoody too a fan in the front row. Nina steps up on the mat, Corey steps over and sits on the second rope lowering it so Nina can step in the ring easier, Nina sits up on the top turnbuckle. Corey leans back against the turnbuckle with Nina sitting behind him, adjusting his fish net arm stockings before letting his hands rest on the turnbuckles. He cracks his neck as the lights return to normal. Nina slowly climbs from the ring and hops down to the ground as the bell rings and HeadRush moves center ring and Corey just stares at him. After a moment Corey moves to the center of the ring as well and stares at Headrush. Corey then slowly grins and slaps Bullrush across the face!

Phil Demot: "O SHIT! Corey just slapped the Monster and he doesnt look to happy about it!"

Ric Biggs: " You idiot, would you be happy if Corey slapped you"

Headrush just keeps his head tilted to the side as Corey begins talking trash and smiling. HeadRush quickly throws a punch but Corey ducks behind it and as Headrush turns around Corey begins to throw his own punches. Right hand after right hand making Headrush step back a few times. Headrush finally stops moving as Corey pauses for a moment and throws another right. It doesnt even budge Headrush now. Corey looks frustrated and throws another right which still doesnt affect Headrush. He pulls his arm back and throws another punch but this time Headrush catches Corey's hand in his own and squeezes making Corey jump around trying to pull his hand free. Headrush then yanks on Corey's arm and giving him a hard clothesline making him fall. Headrush doesnt let go through and pulls Corey back up rather quickly. He then clotheslines Corey down once again still not letting go. He pulls Corey back up and this time pushes him against the ropes and irish whips him. Headrush raises his leg as Corey comes back and goes for a big boot, however Corey manages to duck under Headrush leg and keep running. As Headrush turns around Corey hits the other ropes and comes back jumping up and delivering a spinning wheel kick which knocks Headrush back into the ropes. Corey quickly gets back up as Headrush stumbles and bounces off the ropes. Corey then runs forwards and dropkicks Headrush managing to knock the big man off his feet. Corey sits up nodding and stands up then quickly jumps back when he sees Headrush slowly sit up and look over at him. His eyes widen as he runs over and kicks Headrush in the face knocking him back down again then he begins to stomp Headrush a few more times for good measure. Corey then turns looking around and nods to Nina who smiles slowly on the outside and moves to reach under the ring and pull out a light tube version of a kendo stick. Simply put a few light tubes taped around a kendo stick. She slides it in the ring and Corey walks over picking it up and not noticing Headrush sitting back up. He stands up slowly and as Corey turns around he gets a big boot to the face knocking him down and making him drop the tubed kendo stick. Headrush glares at Nina who moves back from the ropes slowly and he walks to the light tube kendo stick picking it up. Corey is slowly getting up holding his jaw and he turns around as Headrush raises the kendo stick and steps forward swinging it like a baseball bat almost and nailing Corey right in the face. The sounds of glass shattering and wood snapping against Corey's flesh echo through the arena as the fans cheer.

Phil Demot: "O my god that had to hurt like hell!"

Ric Biggs: "Thank you captain obvious."

As Corey is hit and the glass shatter he is sliced open and stands there for a moment with a dazed look back starting to fall back and stumbling. He stumbles back enough to the point where he hits one of the turnbuckle corners and the fans boo as the reff signals That Corey just recieved a point for being the first to touch one of the corners. Headrush just stares for a moment and drops the nearly broken kendo stick then walks over grabbing Corey by his hair and pulling him up to his feet. Headrush then gives a quick upwards throat thrust to Corey making him bounce of his feet nearly flipping over the ropes. He then pulls Corey out from the corner a bit and slaps the turnbuckle himself making the reff give Headrush a point. The fans cheer and Headrush now pulls Corey center of the ring by his hair and irish whips him into the ropes. As Corey comes back Headrush grabs him by the waist and turns then drops doing a rotating sidewalk slam. Headrush just sits the for a moment and slowly turns his head in Nina's direction as he eyes widen a bit. Headrush then lays down and rolls to the ropes then rolls out of the ring and stands walking to her. Nina quickly starts moving around the ring as Headrush follows her. She glances around and grabs the time keepers chair folding it up and swinging making Headrush step back and tilt his head looking at her. Corey is slowly getting up and stumbling towards the ropes and leans against them. Nina swings the chair again but this time Headrush catches it in his head and jerks it away causing Nina to fall back on her ass. Headrush raises the chair to swing at her but out of nowhere Corey spring boards over the ropes managing to drop kick the chair into Headrush face sending him stumbling back into the barricade then he drops down holding his head.

Phil Demot: "Woah Corey taking a risk there and sending Headrush down and out for the moment!"

Corey slowly gets to his hands and knees and crawls over checking on Nina and after she nods she is ok he smiles and moves back to his feet and walks to Headrush who is already getting back up. Corey simply kicks Headrush right between the legs making the fans boo but he just smiles and grabs Headrush by the hair pulling him over to the steel steps and slamming his head right into them. Headrush bounces back and stumbles a bit but Corey holds on and tries slamming his head again but Headrush stops himself from hitting. He then elbows Corey in the gut and grabs his head slamming it into the steel steps making Corey stumble back. Headrush then irish whips Corey into the outside ringpost. Corey smacks into the post and falls down holding his shoulder and the fans cheer. The reff however waves to the officials telling them the ringpost still counts for the corner touching and thats another point for ramerez which makes the fans boo. Headrush shakes his head slowly not believing the reff counted that but he slowly rolls inside the ring and lays there for a moment befor standing up. He then turns and walks over to one of the tunbuckles slapping it and making the reff give him a point. Headrush then nods as the reff is giving the point he then steps forward and big boots the reff sending him falling outside the ring and the fans cheer. On the outside however Nina is sliding into the ring with the chair again and she stands waiting. Headrush slowly turns in her direction and Nina runs forward jabbing the chair into Headrush's stomache making him bend over. She then backs up and swings the chair down from behind at the back of his right knee making him fall down to one knee. She then backs up and steps forward slamming the chair down laying Headrush out for the moment and the fans kind of cheer for her getting involved.

Ric Biggs: " Wow Phil that lady packs a hell of a punch with a chair doesnt she?"

Phil Demot: "These are the times im glad Im on this side of the table and not inside the ring..damn she is a crazy woman."

Nina drops the chair then slides out of the ring to Corey and is helping him up. He is still favoring his shoulder and nods to her that he is ok and he moves her away as he slides in the ring and stands up. He watches as Headrush sits up and he quickly runs behind Headrush clipping him in the back of his right knee making him fall holding his knee again. Corey then gets up and looks around but doesnt see the reff and looks upset a bit. But he shakes it off and quickly grabs the chair Nina dropped and he moves to the nearest turnbuckle sliding the chair inbetween the top and middle turnbuckles. Then he leans against the turnbuckle like he is out as Headrush slowly gets to his feet and looks in Corey's direction. He just stares at first then stands there shaking his head. After a few moments Corey opens his eyes waiting and gets a confused look. He slowly turns and gets met with a big boot knocking him down as the fans cheer. Headrush then raises his arm up and waits. Corey climbs back to his feet and turns to Headrush as the monster slams his hand at Corey grabbing him around the throat and nodding as Corey shakes his head no. Headrush throws Corey's arm over his and lifts Corey up but Corey manages to slip out and drop behind Headrush. The monster stumbles a bit and turns around the Corey drop toe holds Headrush making him drop into the corner and go headfirst into the chair. A new reff is jogging down the ramp and slides in the ring signalling that its an even 3 to 3 now. Corey lays there as Headrish is kneeling in the corner holding his head. Corey slowly begins crawling towards the last corner and Headrush stands up turning in Corey's direction as the fans cheer. He goes to step forward but cant and quickly looks down to see Nina who is holding onto his foot from outside the ring. He begins jerking on his foot trying to get free then he reaches outside the ring grabbing her by the hair making her let go. He slowly pulls her up and gives her a hip toss over the ropes making her land on her back and quickly roll on her side holding her back. Headrush then turns and steps forward only to see Corey slapping the last turnbuckle and falling down. The bell rings as the reff signals Corey wins and Headrush closes his fists slowly and his arms are almost shaking.

Kelly Carr: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this match by completing the goal of touching the four corners, The Cocaine King..COREY...RAMIREZ!!!"

As Corey hears himself being declared winner he starts pulling himself up in the corner but doesnt have time to celebrate as he see's Headrush running at him for a clothesline. Corey quickly drops down and rolls out of the ring and Headrush stops backing up shaking his head as Corey stumbles to the ramp smiling and nodding. However his smiling quickly fades as he sees Headrush turn and walk over to Nina who is getting on her hands and knees now. He shakes his head and begins yelling saying Headrush had better not do it. Headrush simply grabs Nina by the hair and pulls her to her feet making her eyes widen when she see's its him grabbing him. She shakes her head no as he nods yes then lifts Nina and drops quickly nailing the Spinal Tap and the fans cheer. Corey is irate on the outside and quickly runs to slide in the ring as Headrush rolls out. Headrush's music hits as the fans are cheering and he slowly makes his way up the ramp. The cameras focus in on Corey who his checking on Nina in the ring.

The Infectious cameras cut backstage and we are taken to Goldrush's office. Goldrush is sittting in his office with TCW backstage worker, Dexter Young.

Goldrush : Yeah you like that don't you Dex.

Dexter Young : That is great Boss, your a genius!

Goldrush : Your right Dexter I am a genius!

Ridge walks into the office, and sees Goldrush and Dex standing there.

Ridge: Woops, wrong room. Oh well.

Ridge walks over to a nearby plant and unzips his fly.

Goldrush : What the Hell are you doing Ridge?! Thats a real plant you idiot!!

Ridge: Whatever.

Dexter Young : Don't worry boss, just make his punk ass pay for it.

Ridge zips up his fly and gets right in Dexters face. Dexter swings with a punch, Ridge ducks and hits Dexter with an exploder suplex. Dexter falls back and lands on a near by chair and looks to be lights out.

Goldrush : You have done it now Ridge. I'm finning your one thousand dollars!! Number one for missing the houseshow and number two for your disgraceful actions here in my office. Get the hell out of my office, don't you have a match damnit!!

Ridge: A thousand bucks? Oh no. What am I going to do? Oh yeah, I'm rich, so I don't give a damn. I'll see you in the ring.

Goldrush : You won't see me in the ring, but....

Goldrush : Son of a bitch!!

Commercial Break

1) NFL Kickoff Special, Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots 2) No Remorse 3) Infectious for next week

End of Break

Cameras go back to ringside as Black Label Societys "Suicide Messiah" hits the sound system and the fans are on their feet. Hardcore Wrestlings Messiah, Snake Ridge steps out of the enterance.

He is joined shortly by his Angel of Ultraviolence, Eva Riot. They stand at the enterance ramp listening to the fans chant Ridges name. Ridge raises both middle fingers in the air, then puts them together making an X.

Kelly Carr : The following match is a non title match, but will be a Light Tubes Tables Match! Introducing first being accompanied by Eva Riot....He is The Hardcore Wrestling Messiah....Snake Ridge!!

Ridge walks down to the ring slapping fists with the fans. Some fans hand Ridge and Eva a can of beer. Ridge climbs on top of the guard rail and just slams it down as the fans cheer. Eva opens her beer, climbs up the ring apron and poors her beer down her shirt as the fans start to cheer Evas name. They enter the ring and wait for the match to start.

The lights turn off; everyone is staring at the stage, wondering who’s coming out …a voice suddenly yells “And that’s Just Sick!!” And the stage explodes in blue pyro, turning the lights back on, as Downfall by Children of Bodom blasts on the PA. Nic Blade is standing at the top of the stage.

Kelly Carr : and his opponent....He is the TCW Carnage X Champion...he is Sik Nic Blade!!

Nic Blade begins to walk down the ramp, taunting the fans as he makes his way to about midway down, where he stops…looks around at the crowd…then does a double cutthroat taunt and ends it throwing his arms down and jumping, sending two streams of fire that come from the stage and continue down to the ring. Nic runs through the fire, slides in the ring, then stands and begins to stretch, never taking his eyes off of Snake Ridge.

Phil Demot : OK folks we are set for action.

Ric Biggs : First ever Light Tubes Tables Match!

Nic takes off his Carnage X title strap and hands it to the ref and the bell rings to start the match. Nic circles Ridge and Ridge joins him and circles Blade. The two men lock up in the middle of the ring and Blade gets the advantage with a knee to the ribs. Blade whips Ridge into the ropes and lands a back elbow smash, sending Ridge to the mat. Ridge quickly gets up and comes after Nic, but Blade greets him with a big right hand. Nic whips Ridge into the ropes again, then jumps over Ridge sending him into the other ropes then dropkicks Ridge, sending Ridge over the ropes and to the floor outside of the ring. Nic waste no time and quickly climbs the turnbuckles, leaps and hits a big body splash on Ridge as the Messiah was trying to get to his feet. Nic and Ridge fall to the floor and Ridge takes the blow as Nic rolls off of him. Nic then reaches under the ring and pulls out a table completely made of light tubes. He sets the table up and goes over to Ridge to bring him to his feet. Rige fights back with a furious serious of right and left hands. Nic stumbles back and falls against the fan barricage. Ridge takes a few steps back and runs at Nic and clotheslines him, crushing his lower back against the steel barricade.

Phil Demot : This match has turned into a fight!

Ric Biggs : What do you expect, we got the Carnage X Champ and the Hardcore Messiah, who just got fined by Goldrush.

Ridge then grabs the light tube table and picks it up. He carries the table over towards Blade, lift the table above his head and as Blade turns to him, Ridge slams the light tube table over Nic's head. Some of the light tubes explode as they bust of Nic's head. Ridge then goes over to the ring and pulls out another light tube table and sets it up on the floor. Ridge then goes over to Nic a stomps on a few light tubes laying over the top of Blade, then drags the Carnage X Champ to his feet. Ridge throws Blade over his shoulders and walks towards the light tubes. Ridge then stops looks up at the turnbuckles and looks back down at the light tube table. Ridge then drops Blade face first on the steel barrier and Blade hits the floor in pure agony. Ridge pulls out another light tube table out from under the ring and sets it up on top of the other light tube table and then tosses Blade in the ring.

Phil Demot : The CX Champ is in trouble here Ric.

Ric Biggs : That's for sure, but just what in the Hell is Ridge going to do here?! Double stacked light tube table on the outside....this is not good for Blade.

Ridge whips Blade into the turnbuckles, sets Blade on the top buckle and climbs up with him. Just as he is about to make his move......Headrush slides into the ring.

Ric Biggs : What the hell?!

Right before Ridge is about to leap, Headrush stumbles into the ring and right at Ridge and Blade, then pushes them off the top turnbuckle. Ridge and Blade both fall to the outside and at nearly the same time both crash through the double decker light tube table Ridge set up. Headrush then leaves the ring and exits ringside as Blade and Ridge lay on the floor atop of a head of smashed light tubes. The ref walks over and looks at the men laying on the floor then looks at Kelly Carr and shrugs. The ref then walks over to Kelly Carr.

Phil Demot : Seems to be some confusion about who to declare the winner. It looked like to me that both men went through the tables at the same time.

Ric Biggs : F*ck it then, restart the match.

Then another back up ref comes running down to ringside and tells Kelly Carr something in her ear.

Kelly Carr : Ladies and Gentlemen this match has been declared a No Contest.

Ric Biggs : Ahh come on! That sucks! Restart the damned match!

Phil Demot : I cant help but think this has something to do with Goldrush and his recent growning dislike for Ridge. That is just pure speculation on my part folks.

Ric Biggs : Well whatever it is, it sucks!

Phil Demot : Well thats that, coming up next folks....The Asylum, with your host Nick Johnson. Find out who will be his first ever guest!...Next!

Commercial Break

1) HBO Original Series, The Sopranos
2) Ozfest
3) ESPN Outside the Lines, Baseball and Steriods

End of Break

The show fades back in from commercial break to the announcers table where Ric Biggs and Phil Demot are waiting and then begin to speak once the camera's focus on them.

Ric Biggs: "Welcome back folks and this next segment is sure to be an explosive moment on tonights Infectious!"

Phil Demot: "Thats right Ric and I cant wait, this is going to be the FIRST installment and hopefully not the last of Nick Johnsons new segment named the Asylum!"

Ric Biggs: "Im only concerned with one thing, Phil we both have seen Johnson wrestle over the years, in and out of promotions weve commentated befor and you and I both know Johnson isnt much of the talking kind of guy. Infact I cant remember the last time he had an interview on one of our shows to just talk about something other than his opponent. But tonight he hosts his own talk show segment."

Phil Demot: "Very True Ric, but you also know that Nick doesnt do things unless he has a very good reason, so maybe we should just wait for his segment and see just what was so important that he wanted to do this?"

Ric Biggs: "Good idea Phil, Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen, Nick Johnson presents....THE ASYLUM!""

-Nick Johnson's music hits as the fans raise to their feet cheering and the lights fade. Red spot lights begin passing over the fans through out the darkened arena and smoke fills the stage. The curtains on the stage begin to move as Nick passes through them and the fans get louder cheering. Nick walks onto the stage wearing a very expensive designer suit. His hair fixed to perfection as well as his suit and he stands on the stage for a moment just smiling. He slowly moves closer to the ramp and pauses again befor raising his arms up and gold sparkler phyros begin to fall from the titan tron behind Nick as the lights slowly come back on. Nick lowers his arms and smiles then continues down the ramp shaking and slapping hands with the people leaning over the barricades. He then makes his way to the ring and walks up the steps and moves across the ring apron then climbs through the ropes into the ring. He has a specially designed ring set. The ring mat has the logo of the Asylum on it and there are very expensive modern art styled chairs in the ring. Against one side of the ropes is a very expensive 8 ft. flat screen tv with barbed wire wrapped around the sides and cables at the top to hold it up right. Nick walks around to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs up raising his arms as the fans cheer again and he smiles. He hops down and looks to the ring set nodding then moves to one of the chairs picking up a microphone from the seat as his music fades and Nick looks out smiling as the fans keep cheering. The fans begin to calm down a bit and Nick raises the microphone to his lips and begins speaking.-

Nick Johnson: Ladies and I have to say right WELCOME TO THE ASYLUM!!!

-The fans errupt into cheers as Nick says that and he nods walking around for a moment befor speaking again.-

Nick Johnson: "And damn it I havn't had an ovation like that from you fans in a long time and im glad I could hear that at least just once. But hell tonight isnt about me! least not entirely. This is my new show segment The Asylum. Now befor we move on id like to just let you all know how the show came about happening. Goldrush approaches myself backstage last week and tells me he has been trying to get an interview with a friend of mine for a while now. But because of everything thats gone on this guy didnt want to be involved with a single promotion. He felt like every one turned on him. So Goldrush found out this guy and I were friends and he tells me, "Nick", he said.."If you can get this guy to agree to a ONE TIME interview, I will get you everything you need, camera time, mic time..ring time..and hell im even getting paid extra for this". But thats not why I did it. Once Goldrush told me who it was he wanted I couldnt pass it up. So I did everything I could. I have been trying for weeks to get this guy to agree, and thankfully because we were friends, he felt like he owed me one. But that wasnt enough..He felt bad for saying no..BUT..once I got him thinking about each and every one of you fans out there, he had no choice but to say yes. So befor I bring out my surprise guest tonight I want to say THANK YOU ALL , for giving me the chance to be in the ring with my friend again.."

-As Nick says that the fans errupt into cheers once again this time cheering louder.-

Ric Biggs: "Damn it, just bring the guest out already im anxious to see who it is!"

Phil Demot: "Calm down Ric he well tell us just wait"

Nick Johnson: "Now as you all know, my guest tonight I have kept a secret and for good reason. BUT befor I bring him out here..and I know I keep putting this off, but this is important. Behind me is the very expensive and one of a kind 8 ft. flat screen Asy-la-tron One Million. The top of the line and one of a kind in viewing pleasure. And you shall all be the first to witness its power because I put together a few clips that you all should see in order to maybe..GUESS who my guest is tonight so enjoy.."

-The cameras zoom in on the Asy-la-tron One Million as it cuts on, pausing for a moment on the TCW logo befor the clips start. The cameras cut to black so the clips can play on all the tv's. The first clip is a logo of UWE which is blurred out due to copyright purposes. The song "The Way You Lived" By CKY plays in the background as the clips roll. The blurred UWE logo fades out to various clips of UWE's show Nitro opening and various matches occuring. Ronnie Styles vs. Tank Miller, Machtan Kasangi vs. Jason Silver, Matt Styles joining Tanks crew and fueding with Ronnie Styles. And various other classic moments from the older uwe promotion. The next few clips are from the xWe owned by Bullrush and Jason Silver. Clips show matches between Headrush and Randy Taylor, Bullrush and Silver, Goldrush interferring in matches and Bullrush leaving the xWe and taking all the roster. The next clips from the NLW and then the WWA. All the clips have matches playing then the voices of Ric Biggs and Phil Demot can be heard, a recording from much earlier in their career's.-

Ric Biggs: "Do it kid come on, youve almost got it!"

Phil Demot: "I dont care what anyone says, they might think he is a rookie but he is putting himself in with the legends right here tonight damn it!"

-The clips then cut out as the music stops and the scene fades back to Nick Johnson who is clapping in the ring for the clips then he begins to speak while some of the fans cheer a bit also.-

Nick Johnson: "Wow.. that actually looked better watching it then it did making it. But incase you all havnt been able to guess who my GUEST is tonight..then ladies and gentlemen I give you....."

-"The Mob Goes Wild" by Clutch hits the system as the lights begin to strobe and the fans errupt into cheers as Ric and Phil freak out.-

Ric Biggs: "WHAT!?!?.........OMG THATS JASON SILVERS MUSIC!?!? O MY GOD!!"


-Nick claps as Jason Silver slowly emerges from the curtains and the fans stand on their feet cheering. He is wearing baggy black pants and a sleeveless fishnet shirt. Various tribal designs painted on his arms and a bandana holding his hair back. Sunglasses covering his eyes an a serious look on his face. He just nods slowly then continues down the ramp slowly.-

Ric Biggs: " I cant believe this Phil, Jason Silver, the man fired from UWE and who SWORE Revenge on UWE AND TCW is here TONIGHT!!"

Phil Demot: "And if you ask me security should be on him right now to get his ass out of here! Or did you forget he is the guy who attacked everyone at Invasion! Jackass, How could Goldrush want Silver on the show after all he's done to the TCW! If Bull was here this wouldnt be happening damn it!"

-Silver continues down the ramp and walks up the steel steps slowly befor pausing on the ring apron to look at the fans. He then climbs in through the ropes and looks to Johnson befor slowly removing his sunglasses and tossing them out of the ring and sighing. He walks calmly over to the guest chair picking up his microphone and staring at Nick as his music cuts. Nick holds his hand out and Jason looks at it for a moment befor shaking Nick's hand and the two men sit down in their own chairs as Nick speaks.-

Nick Johnson: "Wow man...first off thank you for getting in the ring one more time. I know your not too excited to be here right now, but..that brings me to my first question for you tonight. After all Goldrush does want this to be an interview so we cant just talk about old times. So getting down to buissness man...How you enjoying life outside the ring?"

Jason Silver: ".......Life outside the ring...Nick know me better, The ring is my life..and for those of you at home listening, I suggest you tune in to Sin this week, because I promised to make TCW and UWE lives a living hell and the war starts this week with Sinn..."

Nick Johnson: " Man speaking of TCW, why did you promise to ruin the TCW as well as the UWE. I mean the UWE are the ones who fired you, man you were even gonna come work here befor UWE re opened. Why turn on the TCW?

Jason Silver: " Nick..the TCW is ran by Bullrush. Remember the guy who ruined my federation. The guy who ive fueded with in and out of the ring for the past 3 years of my career. Or have you forgotten. And not only that, but its the TCW's fault I got fired in the first place. If it wasnt for TCW there wouldnt have been an Invasion and I would have already been holding the UWE World Title which is now VACATED! And for those of you who happened to catch last weeks Sin, you all saw that I made SURE no one UPSTAGES Jason Silver. I promised the UWE and TCW I'd make an Impact and then Tyler wants to jump in on the UWE like he is some one important? There are VERY few people in this buissiness more important than me, but THEY are legends now. And those who arnt..well they have my respect.

Nick Johnson: "Silver man come on your talking bout respect here, but you said youve respected me in the past. Respect me now enough to return to the TCW. Hell you were gonna join befor UWE reopened, join now man!"

Jason Silver: "Nick, I told you I cant right now, dont push me around about this subject. Shit will happen when it happens and IF it happens. Dont try and force my hand on this matter because if you do you might not like what happens!

Nick Johnson: " Come on Jason, theres nothing left to lose man!"

Jason Silver: "But I made a promise Nick, and I HAVE to keep that promise. The UWE can kiss my ass, the TCW can kiss my ass, and to be honest Nick you can.."

-Befor Silver can finish speaking the lights dim as "Bulls on Parade" hits the system. The fans errupt into cheers and stand on their feet as Nick quickly jerks his head to the side to look at the stage eyes widening. Silver steps back from the ropes looking to the stage with a confused look for a moment. Johnson can be seen mouthing the words holy shit as the music keeps playing.-

Phil Demot: " OMG Thats Bull's music, I thought he as on vacation holy crap Ric!!"

Ric Biggs: "Wa-....Wait a second...where is Bull at, why isnt he comming out??"

-The music slowly dies down as Nick stares at the stage confused, he backs up from the ropes slowly scratching his head and looking side to side into the audiences not seeing Bull. He then turns in Silvers direction but out of nowhere is layed out from a superkick by Jason Silver. The fans are in shock and give loud "Aww's". Nick is down on the ground spread eagled and Silver standing over him staring down. Silver rubs his chin for a moment then moves his hand through his hair as he reaches down calmly and picks up the microphone next to Johnson's body. He stands straight and sighs into the microphone before walking to the ropes and waiting then looking down to Nick again as he speaks.-

Jason Silver: "Nick offense, your my friend and my former tag team partner. But ive had lots of friends and tag team partners..You, Mark Chaos, Tank Miller, and others. However that doesnt change the fact you work for TCW. I vowed revenge against TCW and UWE. And Nick, wether you had left UWE or not, it wouldnt have changed the fact id have to have still done this to you.... I am sorry but I did what I had to do and im sure you understand. When you invited me here tonight, I didnt do it to explain myself, but because it gave me this chance. So wether you DO actually understand or not. You have just been taken care of by the NEW "Renegade" Jason Silver!"

-Silver drops the microphone and just stares down at Nick who is on his side now holding his jaw. Silver climbs through the ropes and begins heading up the ramp as "The Mob Goes Wild" By Clutch hits the system. The fans are actually cheering, not because of what happened, but because of Silver's transformation into the renegade. Silver heads to the stage as Nick is now on his hands and knee's looking confused up towards the ramp at Silver as Silver stands there glaring at Nick for a moment with a sorrow filled expression befor getting a serious look and heading backstage. The scene fades to backstage as Johnson is left in a state of confusion.

The scene cuts to the backstage area where Jenny Love is standing by with The Minister who has his World Title sat firmly on his shoulder.

Jenny Love: Well Minister in just a few short moments you will be putting that World Championship on the line for the very first time since winning it. How are you right now, are the nervs kicking in?

The Minister: Im very, very confident Jenny. I have never been nervous about any match and this one in just the same. This title is going no where so what is there to be nervous about?

Jenny Love: Well this "House Of Styles" match is the most brutal match ever in the history of TCW, this match will leave you with cuts and bruises if your lucky!

The Minister: Ive been through it all before Jenny, cuts and bruises are the least of my worries. Yes i will be slashed and cut up like a ribbon that cage will eat you alive. But im only facing Matt Styles. So like i said i have nothing to be nervous about.

Jenny Love: I saw Matt Styles earlier, he was doing his last minuet training and looked very confident.

The Minister: Good, hes got his game head on. Unless he was just acting. See Matt Styles looked confident last time we faced but it didnt work. This is his own creating but i will bet you one thing Matt Styles will come out of that match a lot worse than i will be. See i may get a couple of gashes, blah blah blah. But Matt Styles will get torn apart, limb by limb. And at the end of the night, when its al said and done it will be me stood in the middle of that ring still World Champion.

Jenny Love: Ok Minister, well your match is due to begin now. So any last words.

The Minister: Yeah, Matt Styles tonight infront of thousands of people, they will witness you finally.....Rest...In...Peace!

The Minister walks of as his entrance music hits on the p.a system.

Commercial Break

1) TCW Diva Calender
2) Hogan knows Best
3) Spyderman 2 on HBO

End of break

The cameras are spanning the crowd when, "The Clinser" by Chevelle hits . The fans begin their “you suck” chants as Francine appears at the top of the ramp followed by Matt Styles. They both stand at the top and look out at the seats as the fans chant ‘you suck’ and ‘you sold out’.

Kelly Carr : The following match is scheduled for a House of Styles Match and is for the TCW World Championship!! Introducng first and being accompanied to the ring by the lovely Francine...Matt " The Franchise" Styles!!!

Then both matt and Francine walk down the ramp with Francine in front with a smile on her face and matt behind her concentrating on the ring. Matt carefully climbs through the hole in the side of the Barbwire Cage. Matt then looks out at the crowd and gives of a cocky smiles and then holds up both hands in the air and with both hands holds up three fingers.The lights flicker off compleatly then the arena lights up in blue as "Gothic" theme music starts to play. The Minister walks out slowly as the fans sit in silence. Mist fills the ring and parts of the crowd.

Kelly Carr : and his opponent....he is the defending TCW World Champion!! ....The Minister!!

The Minister walks slowly down the walk way and then enters the ring via the hole in the cage. He stands in the center of the ring and has a staredown with Styles as he hands the ref his World Title belt. Styles holds his hands in the air, spins around and laughs as he looks at the barbwire cage. Styles then turns to Minister and motions that he will have the world title strap around his waist. Minister comes after Styles full force, but Matt drops and trips Minister. Matt gets up and slaps Minister in the back of the head and then Styles walks like a zombie, mocking the "deadman". Minister gets to his feet lands a big chop to the chest of Styles. Minister tries to whip Styles into the barbwire cage, but Matt reverses the move and sends Minister into the barbwire. Minister hits the cage face first, then Matt dropkicks him from behind and sends him back into the barbwire. This time Minister is cut on his forehead and blood slowly starts to trickle down his face. Matt tries to take advantage and runs at Minister, but Minister steps aside and uses Matt's momentum and sends him smashing into the barbwire. Matt falls away from the cage and hits the mat. Minister comes towards him, leaps and lands a knee to Matt's head. Minister gets up and picks up Matt and hits a quick, but powerful bodyslam on Styles. Minister then drops and elbow on Matt's throat and gets back to his feet.

Phil Demot : After a nice start by Styles, it looks as though Minister has the advantage.

Ric Biggs : Minister is already a bloody mess, but look at him don't even phase him!

Minister brings Styles to his feet, then picks him up. While holding Styles, Minister runs at the barbwire cage and slams into it and Matt's back is ripped open. Minister drops Styles to the mat and walks over to the barbwire cage. He gently grabs a large piece of barbwire and bends it, until it breaks. He looks at the long strand of razor sharp barbwire as an evil look comes over his face. Minister turns around to go after Styles, but Matt is waiting and nails Minister with a huge low blow. Minister drops the wire and falls to the mat like a bag of bricks. Matt struggles to his feet and spots the wire that Minister broke off the cage. Matt grabs the wire and whips Minister in the back with it. It tears through the Minister's shirt and also tears through his skin. Minister tries to take cover, but Matt whips Minister again, but this time catches him in the back of the head.

Ric Biggs : Sick! this is f*cking sick!

Phil Demot : Minister is bleading from about every part of his upperbody and Matt Styles has no remorse about his actions.

Ric Biggs : Why should he Phil?! After all this is for the World title, but we can't count the Minister out just yet.

Minister grabs the back of his head as Styles drops to a knee and tries to wrap the barbwire around Minister's neck. Minister grabs the barbwire and keeps it away from his neck, but his hands are sacrificed. Minister leands forward then slams his head back and sends the back of his head slamming into Matt's nose and mouth. Matt immediately falls back and grabs his mouth and nose. Minister gets to his knees and tries to gain some sense about himself as Matt removes his hands and reveals that his nose and mouth are now both a bloody mess. Minister comes at Mat and nails him with a big boot and sends Matt back down as he was trying to get up. Minister then grabs Styles by his neck and by his tights and throws him into the barbwire cage. Matt slams into it and his arm gets tangled inside the cage. As Matt struggles to free himself, he only rips the flesh on his arm.

Ric Biggs : Now is your chance Minister, get the hell out of there!

Minister looks at the cage, looks back at Matt and bends down and picks up the broken piece of barbwire. Minister walks back over to Styles and tries to slap Matt in the face with the wire, but Matt moves his head just enough and the wire gets tangled back into the cage. Matt then kicks Minister in the gut and finally manages to get his arm free from the barbwire cage. Matt then lands another quick kick and hits the "Third Degree" on Minister.

Phil Demot : Thrid Degree!!!

Ric Biggs : No, no, no,....No!!

Styles gets back to his feet and tuants the Minister then makes his way to the barbwire cage. Matt looks at the cage and carefully starts to climb his way out. He cuts his leg about half way up and in turn cuts his hand when he flinched. Styles then steadied himself and continued up the cage. As he was getting towards the top, Minister shot up off the mat like lightning had awoken his soul. Minister goes towards Matt and is able to grab his ankle. Matt tries to fight Minister off and connects with a kick to the head. Minister takes a couple steps back and Matt tries to climb over the top of the cage. Minister comes back at Matt, jumps and with all his might pulls down on Matt's leg. Matt falls and is sliced up all over by the razor sharp wire as he crashes to the mat.

Phil Demot : Close....but yet so far away.

Minister drags Matt to his feet and hits a Tombstone Piledriver on Styles.

Ric Biggs : Tooooommmmbbbbstone!!!!

Matt's head and spine greets the mat in a brutal fasion and Minister makes his way over to the cage. Minister carefully climbs up the barbwire cage and successfully gets to the top. Minister takes one final look down at Styles as an evil grin comes over his face. Minister then swings his legs over the top of the cage and carefully climbs down a few steps, then leaps down to the floor at ringside.

Kelly Carr : The winner of the match and STILL!!!! World Heavyweight Champion!! The Minister!!

The ref comes over to Minister and raises his hand in victory as Styles comes to in the cage and expresses his disappointment as is almost completely covered in blood.

Phil Demot : That's it! It is OVER! The Minister is still TCW World Champion!!

Ric Biggs : The Deadman is unstoppable!!

Ric Biggs : What a night!!

Phil Demot : See you next week folks..for more Total Carnage Wrestling!!!!!

Show fades to black as we see Minister turn around at the top of the stage. He raises his World Title high for all to see and the lights flicker off as the show ends.