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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Forget the Past

Date: 4/6/02

{Havok runs out the door with the 24/7 Title being chased by Mark Daniels.}

1. 24/7 Championship Match
Havok (c) vs. Adam Michaels
Winner: No Contest
{Mark Daniels runs out and hits Havok with the 1-2-3 Kick and pinned Havok to become the 24/7 Champion. He then reveals to the fans that he is Rob Randolf and he is the owner of the GCW. He then makes Adam Michaels the commissioner.}

{Mr. MVP changes his name back to Kidd Psycho.}

2. STR 2001 vs. Kidd Psycho
Winner: Kidd Psycho after the Rolling Thunder

{Rob Randolf comes out and informs that he will be bringing the masked Loco and Ultimo Astro back to GCW. Out of nowhere Ultimo Astro runs out and schoolboys Randolf to win the 24/7 Title.}

3. 24/7 Championship Match:
Ultimo Astro vs. Loco
Winner & Still 24/7 Champion: Ultimo Astro
{After the match, Loco hits the Loco Driver on Ultimo to win the 24/7 Title.}

4. Handicap Match:
Havok/Rob Randolf vs. STR 2001
Winners: Havok/Rob Randolf

5. Superstar 33 vs. Loco
Winner: Loco
(Havok runs out and hits Superstar 33 with a Chickenwing Reverse DDT.)

6. Adam Michaels/Kidd Psycho vs. Havok/Superstar 33
Winners: Adam Michaels/Kidd Psycho after Kidd Psycho hit the Lionsault
(After the match, Adam Superkicks Havok to win the 24/7 Title. Kidd Psycho then attacks Adam and winning the 24/7 Title.)

7. GCW Championship Gauntlet Match:
"Primetime" Kid Chronik (c) vs. STR 2001
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Adam Michaels
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Kidd Psycho
Winner & New 24/7 Champion: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Rob Randolf
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Ultimo Astro
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Superstar 33
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

"Primetime" Kid Chronik vs. Havok
Winner: "Primetime" Kid Chronik

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