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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GBW Extreme Measures

Date: 2/3/01

1. Light Heavyweight Championship Match:
Ultimo Astro vs. Psycho 187
Winner & New Light Heavyweight Champion: Ultimo Astro

2.Lil' C vs. Primetime C
Winner: Primetime C by DQ
{Big Timer runs in and attacks Primetime C}

3. Big Timer vs. Steven Lewis
Winner: Steven Lewis

4. Phoenix vs. Steven Lewis & Patrick Wallace & Primetime C
Winner: Phoenix
{The reason he wins is because Steven Bell jumps Patrick Wallace and The Big Timers jump Primetime C leaving only Pheniox and Steven Lewis in the ring.}

5. Hardcore Championship Match:
Big Timer (c) vs. Primetime C
Winner & Still Hardcore Champion: Big Timer

6. Patrick Wallace vs. Phoenix
Winner: Patrick Wallace

7. "The Mastermind" Steven Bell vs. Steven Lewis
Winner: Steven Bell

8. Hardcore Championship Match:
Lil' C vs. Big Timer
Winner & New Hardcore Champion: Lil' C
{After the Match, Big Timer hits Lil' C with a weapon and becomes the Hardcore Champion once again.}

9. Primetime C vs. Phoenix
Winner: No Contest

10. Tag Team Match:
Steven Bell & Phoenix vs. Gladewater Backyard Censorship (Patrick Wallace & Steven Lewis)
Winners: Gladewater Backyard Censorship

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