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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Crimson Anarchy

Date: 6/29/02

(Crimson Anarchy starts off with Adam losing the 24/7 Title to A.D. Thunder. Seconds later Thunder gets pinned by The Madman.)

(The Madman makes his way out and gives up the 24/7 Title and putting it on the line in the ladder match)

1. Ladder Match: 24/7 Championship on the line
Adam Michaels vs. The Storm
Winner & New 24/7 Champion: The Storm

{After the match, Adam Michaels officially quit GCW}

{World of Madness has a small movie skit reviewing the movie Moulin Rouge.}

2. Exploding Box Match:
The Madman vs. A.D. Thunder
Winner: A.D. Thunder after he bodyslammed The Madman on the box

{Mr. Fantastico brings Ultimo Astro and The Madman hot dogs. World of Madness welcomes Mr. Fantastico.}

3. Anywhere Falls Match:
Ultimo Astro vs. Mr. Fantastico
Winner: Mr. Fantastico after he hit the Fantastico Bomb

{Adam Michaels is shown leaving}

{Mr. Fantastico gets jumped by A.D. Thunder}

{The team of A.D. Thunder and The Storm, ThunderStorm, are shown searching for World of Madness lair. They go through every GCW Wrestler's locker room until they find Havok. While they are talking to Havok, The Madman comes out and tells them that the GCW Deathmatch will be a 3-Way for the GCW & 24/7 Title}

4. GCW Deathmatch: GCW & 24/7 Championship
Havok (GCW Champion) vs. The Storm (24/7 Champion) vs. A.D. Thunder
Winner & 2002 King of Hardcore & GCW & 24/7 Champion: A.D. Thunder
{After the match, Havok pinned A.D. for the 24/7 Title}

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