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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Birthday Bash

Date: 9/21/03

{Airbourne, along side with Krazy Josh, makes their way out to the ring. Airbourne gets on the microphone and informs everyone that today is his Birthday and in honor of that the show will be called Birthday Bash. Wrestling Inc. (Adam Michaels & "The Mastermind" Steven Bell) interupts with Adam getting in the face of Airbourne. Adam then informs Krazy Josh that tonight he will be defending the Tag-Team Titles. Josh replies by saying that Flying Assassin isn't here. At that time, Krazy Josh turns to the Referee and states that he will be his Tag-Team Partner for tonight.}

1. GCW Championship Match
Adam Michaels (c) vs. Extraño
Winner & Still GCW Champion: Adam Michaels via Head-On Collision

2. Tag-Team Championship Match
Krazy Josh/Hydro (c) vs. Mexican Style
Winners & New Tag-Team Champions: Mexican Style via Majestic Presence from Majestic to Hydro

3. 24/7 Championship Match
"The Mastermind" Steven Bell (c) vs. Ultimo Astro
Winner & New 24/7 Champion: Ultimo Astro via Ultimate Destination

4. Wrestling Inc. vs. Majestic/Airbourne
Winners: Majestic/Airbourne via Flying Cross Body to Adam from Airbourne

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