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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Backyard Face-Off 4

Date: 9/27/03

1. Tag-Team Championship Match
Mexican Style (c) vs. 903 Boyz
Winners & New Tag-Team Champions: 903 Boyz w/ Centerfold to Majestic from Kaos Kidd

2. Extraño vs. Smokey
Winner: Extraño w/ Chipolte Southwest Driver

3. 24/7 Championship I Quit 2 out of 3 Series: Match 1
"The Mastermind" Steven Bell (c) vs. Majestic
Winner & Still 24/7 Champion: "The Mastermind" Steven Bell w/ Submission Hold

4. Fate Championship Match - Title vs. Mask
Kaos Kidd (c) vs. Ultimo Astro
Winner & New Fate Champion: Ultimo Astro w/ Ultimate Destination

{When the Mexican Street Fight started it was just Krazy Josh and Havok. Out of nowhere, Phantom comes out from the backstage and makes it a 3-Way.}

5. Mexican Street Fight
Krazy Josh vs. Havok vs. The Phantom
Winner: Havok w/ F-5 onto Ground

6. GCW Championship Last Man Standing Match
Adam Michaels (c) vs. Airbourne
Winner: Draw after Swanton Bomb outside of the ring through a Table onto Adam Michaels

{Adam Michaels still retains the title}

{At the end of the event, Krazy Josh is shown running after Havok but doesn't make it to the van in time to get in. He tries to jump on the van while it's moving but gets tossed off. The camera fades to black on Krazy Josh.}

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