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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Backyard Face-Off 3

Date: 9/14/02

1. IWA Hardcore Championship Match:
Unknown Soldier (c) vs. Krazy Josh
Winner & New IWA Hardcore Champion: Krazy Josh after a Swanton Bomb

2. "The Doc" David Giles vs. The Phantom
Winner: The Phantom after Jackson Herod came in and turned on David letting Phantom nail a splash for the win

("The Doc" David Giles had a promo saying that one day he will step in the ring with Jackson. Jackson then came out and said that he has been carrying him on his back for 10 years. The Phantom came out and said he hated them both. Krazy Josh walked out and challenged a 4-Way.)

3. "The Doc" David Giles vs. Jackson Herod vs. The Phantom vs. Krazy Josh
Winner: The Phantom after a Splash

4. GCW Championship 4-Way Ladder Match:
Adam Michaels (c) vs. Steven Bell vs. The Storm vs. A.D. Thunder
Winner & New GCW Champion: Steven Bell after nailing Adam with a Last Ride through a table
(During the match, The Storm pinned Steven Bell to win the 24/7 Champion)
(This match was a classic hardcore style match. Lots of tables were smashed.)

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