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Magnifico Astro Benefit Show

Date: December 27, 2003
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

{The show starts off with all the wrestlers standing in the ring. A video package of Magnifico Astro begins. The clips involve him winning the MCLL Title, Marrying his Wife, Holding Ultimo & Excelente when they were born, and several other great moments.}

1. La Verdad vs. Rio Rojo
Winner: La Verdad via Hurricanranna Roll-Up

2. La Familia De La Sol (Ricky Sol & Luna Sol) vs. El Asesino/El Arco Iris
Winners: El Asesino/El Arco Iris via Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from El Asesino to Ricky Sol

3. Fantastico vs. Rey Del Mafia
Winner: Rey Del Mafia via Superkick

4. Extraño vs. Espejo
Winner: Espejo via Powerbomb

5. Excelente Astro vs. Bizarro
Winner: Excelente Astro via Excellent Decapitation

6. Mexican Lightweight Championship Match
Último Astro (c) vs. Lluvia
Winner & New Mexican Lightweight Champion: Lluvia w/ Top Rope Sunset Flip



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