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GCW Aftermath

Date: 10/25/03

{The newly crowned GCW Champion, Airbourne, makes his appearance known by coming out to the ring. He gets on the micrphone and states that he defeated Adam Michaels cleanly at GCW Oblivion 2003 and tonight he is going to take a rest. Him, alongside his Tag-Team Partner, Kaos Kidd, will take the night off tonight. At that time, The GCW Commissioner, Krazy Josh, interupts the 903 Boyz by stating that they cannot take the night off. Krazy Josh then informs Airbourne to go get his pads out of his car because he has a match tonight.}

{The newly signed GCW Interviewer, Matthew Murchison, is standing alongside the Mexican Champion, Havok. He asks how does he feel about being the first ever Mexican Champion in GCW. Havok replies back by saying that he feels that he should put his title on the line tonight and Extraño is a perfect match. Him one-on-one tonight. Out of nowhere, Ultimo Astro comes up and gets into the face of Havok. He states that if he has the guts he will make it a 3-Way. Havok informs him that he would have to talk to the Commissioner.At that time, Krazy Josh, walks up and makes the 3-Way official for tonight.}

{Ultimo Astro's son, Rio Rojo, is shown arriving late. The Commissioner, Krazy Josh, is there to give him some heat. He informs him that he missed his chance to wrestle in a 3-Way Match for the Mexican Title, but gets a chance to do Color Commentary during the match. However, after that he will face Hydro one-on-one. Rio Rojo walks off in tears.}

1. 3-Way Mexican Championship Match
Havok vs. Extraño vs. Ultimo Astro
Winner & Still Mexican Champion: Havok via Powerbomb to Extrano

{Airbourne is shown getting his pads out of his car. Out of nowhere, A Black Car comes speeding his way. He quickly dodges it by diving onto the street curb. He stands up, looking confused, but angry at the same time.}

2. Bruce vs. Fantastico
Winner: Fantastico via Fantastic Decimation

{Airbourne is sitting on the curb, shaken up. The Purple Tyrant, Majestic, runs over to him and states that he seen the incident from a far and assumes Krazy Josh is the one who tried to run him over. Krazy Josh comes out from behind a tree and tells both of them that he had nothing to do with it. He then makes a Tag-Team Match consisting of both them against himself and a partner of his choosing.}

{Wrestling Inc. is standing with Matthew Murchison. Adam states that they didn't have anything to do with the incident involving Airbourne. He then says that whoever tried to run down Airbourne should be ashamed of theirselves. Steven Bell tells Kaos Kidd to get ready for their match tonight.}

3. "The Mastermind" Steven Bell vs. Kaos Kidd
Winner: Kaos Kidd via Schoolboy Pin

{Ultimo Astro is shown standing by the Black Car that almost ran over Airbourne. He is, of course, drunk. He gets up on the car and lays on the roof, sunbathing.}

4. Hydro vs. Rio Rojo
Winner: Rio Rojo via Inside Cradle

{Airbourne comes out to the ring and calls out the Commissioner, Krazy Josh. Then calls out Ultimo Astro. Then calls out his own Tag-Team Partner, Kaos Kidd! He gets in Krazy Josh's face and states that he was the one who made him go out to his car in the first place. He gets into Ultimo's face by saying that he was just shown by the Black Car. Last, but no least, he gets into Kaos Kidd's face by saying that he was nowhere to be seen when the incident occurred. They all deny of almost running over Airbourne.}

{Krazy Josh is shown walking backstage until out of nowhere gets nailed from behind with a Crutch. The attacker wasn't shown.}

5. Majestic/Airbourne vs. Krazy Josh/Adam Michaels
Winners: Krazy Josh/Adam Michaels via Inside Cradle from Adam to Airbourne

{After the match, Adam Michaels continues to assault Airbourne by taking the brawl out of the ring. They brawl until Adam throws him into a trunk of a car. Him, alongside Steven Bell, then gets into the car. They both drive off revealing that the color of the car is Black and Adam Michaels was the one who tried to run over the GCW Champion, Airbourne! The camera fades out.}



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