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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Adrenaline 3

Date: 7/16/03

{Adam Michaels walks out and informs the fans that Airbourne is not in Gladewater, TX and will not be apart of the Tag-Team Street Fight Dumpster Match. He then says that his partner for the match will be Krazy Josh. Also, they won't be wrestling Marc Kold & Unbreakable. They will be wrestling Kold & Havok. Havok comes out and states that his new name is Stinger Ray. Adam & Josh attack both Kold & Stinger Ray before they leave.}

4-Way Match
Krazy Josh vs. Stinger Ray vs. Unbreakable vs. Big Poppa
Winner: Krazy Josh w/ Wings of Madness to Stinger Ray

Fate Championship Match
Kaos Kidd (c) vs. Ultimo Astro
Winner & Still Fate Champion: Kaos Kidd w/ Wings of Kaos

Handicap Match
Flying Assassin/Kid Dynamite vs. El Borracho
Winner: Flying Assassin/Kid Dynamite w/ Cross Body into DDT by Kid Dynamite

Tag-Team Championship Street Fight Dumpster Match
Adam Michaels/Krazy Josh (c) vs. Marc Kold/Stinger Ray
Winners & New Tag-Team Champions: Marc Kold/Stinger Ray

{During the match, Adam Michaels got attacked by Airbourne. Airbourne threw him in the Dumpster.}

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