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GCW v.3 - Gladewater Championship Wrestling


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GCW Adrenaline 2

Date: 7/27/02

{Charles Vaughn tells us that Triple X will not be wrestling The Madman. He also says that Triple X wil be wrestling a Wrestler from the Past. When he walks into Wallace's Office, The Storm pops out.}

{A.D. Thunder is relaxing in the Lounge Area reading the newspaper, while doing so Mr. Fantastico steals his kneepads and watch.}

{Triple X is shown watching his moniter. He starts wondering who he will fight. He thinks it will be Big Timer.}

1. Aerial Championship Match:
Mr. Fantastico vs. A.D. Thunder
Winner: A.D. Thunder via Thunder Alert

{Triple X is shown looking for Wallace. Instead, he runs into A.D. Thunder. Thunder doesn't know where he is.}

{The Phantom tells us that tonight he is going to kill The Storm.}

2. Name Change Match:
Triple X vs. Adam Michaels
Winner: Adam Michaels via Dead Clutch
{Adam Michaels cuts a promo about Triple X's new name. He will now be Havok. Also, he tells us that he has finally returned for good}

{A.D. Thunder is shown looking for Mr. Fantastico. Instead, he runs into The Storm. Storm doesn't know where he is. A.D. Thunder gives Storm good luck.}

{The Storm walks into The Phantom's Locker Room. Phantom gives him a Suicide Letter. Ultimo makes fun of Storm.}

3. GCW Championship Match:
The Phantom (c) vs. The Storm
Winner & Still GCW Champion: The Phantom via Chokeslam
{At the end of the match, Ultimo runs out and attacks Storm. But Storm blocks a punch and Superkick's him.}

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