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Real Name: Thomas Sanders
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.

Theme Music:
"Cry Little Sister"

"Suicide would only complicate my life."

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Journal Entry June 30, 2003
Journal Entry July 3, 2003
Journal Entry July 6, 2003

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Thomas first met WidowMaker after a drunk driving accident killed his first wife and daughter. WM took him under his wing and watched out for him from that moment on. After an attempt by another member of the stable to take power away from Venom, we believed him to be dead. However he re-appeared after Venom's death with a new name, Gaye Pope.

Gaye did not know of his past until a brutal mugging on the subway left him in the hospital. It was at this time that WidowMaker revealed his true past.

He then began to help the WidowMaker in creating his cult. However seeing the danger in the power WM was collecting he conspired with Darrius Elitas to help put an end to WM's reign as NeWA champ.

Believing that the Dead Souls were finished forever Thomas and Sara settled into married life. However on the day of his son's birth the Sanders family was abducted for yet unknown reasons.

Now under the new leadership of Venom Utuk Xul, Thomas was forced to compete in one more wrestling match. After weeks of mental and physical torture Thomas's body gave out while in the ring with Adam Knight. He later died due to his injures. How or why he is now back and once again using the name “Gaye Pope” is a mystery.

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"The stage fills with mist as “The White Crow” Gaye Pope appears from the back. He wears the war paint of the Crow native tribe, deerskin pants and goes barefoot. He walks solemnly down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He crouches in the corner and waits for the beginning of the match."


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Shooting Star Press
Top-Rope Corkscrew Plancha
Jumping Tornado DDT
Sunset Flip Pin
Deathlock STF
Diving Hurracanrana
Headlock Pin with Bridge
Diving Cross Body
Missile Dropkick
Diving Fist Drop
Diving Leg Drop
Splash from top rope
Senton bomb
dragon screw
Moosault into a senton bomb

Trademark Move
Gaye Pride
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Finishing move
"Redemption for Retribution"
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