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Men on a Mission


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††††††††† Men on a Mission (M.O.M. for short) have the honor of being the first tag team inducted in to my site. This is rare because usually a tag team has at least one good member that can carry the other. They arrived in the WWF after weeks of video segments showing them in what was supposedly a ghetto. On this team, Mabel was the more successful of the two. Mo was the crappy one who always had to be rescued. Having a 500+ pound wrestler with no talent or maneuverability carrying the team pretty much explains their problem. Their manager was Oscar the rapper. Mabel and Mo also did their share of rapping, which was a very sad sight indeed. Their rapping skill was less then that of their wrestling skill. They eventually turned heel and dumped their manager. They didnít last much longer and Oscar and Mo disappeared forever. Mabel later returned as Viscera.



-         They managed to hold the WWF tag team title for two days after beating the Quebecers.


Disgraceful Moments

-         Besides rapping, whenever Mo was in the ring.



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