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            Zeus was without a doubt one of the worst wrestlers ever. In fact, he wasn’t even really a wrestler. He was an actor. In the 1989 movie No Holds Barred, Hulk Hogan played a wrestler named Rip and he had to fight the evil wrestler Zeus. The movie was horrible, and most people would have been happy never to see Zeus wrestle again. Unfortunately, Vince McMahon had other plans. Vince decided that it would be a good idea to continue their feud in the ring. The angle was that Zeus was mad about losing in the movie. Anyway, Zeus had absolutely no talent. He made some of the other guys on this site look like technical masterpieces. His only move was this neck twisting thing that looked horrible. It looked like when James Bond breaks someone’s neck in a movie. Also, since he was supposedly this huge powerful guy, sometimes his moves would send people flying across the ring. Zeus was the ultimate jobber, as his entire purpose was to lose to Hulk Hogan, which he did multiple times.



-         Headlining Summer Slam ’89.


Disgraceful Moments

-         The man had no moves, no skills, and a big Z on his head.



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