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Xanta Klaus


†††††††††††††† ††††††††††



††††††††† Xanta Klaus was one of if not the shortest lived gimmick ever in the WWF. Apparently, Xanta is an evil version of Santa Claus and is from the South Pole. In addition to stealing stuff instead of giving, he also attacked Savio Vega a week or so before Christmas. A few days later, he defeated the mighty Scott Taylor on WWF Superstars. I canít be sure because he was in maybe three of four matches at the most, but I think his finisher was a camel clutch. I am not quite sure how his feud with Savio ended and I canít say that I care. I think he was gone by New Years.



-         Getting on TV I suppose.


Disgraceful Moments

-         He was not employed long enough to have any, but he did yell ho ho ho a few times.