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††††††††† Tugboat first entered the WWF as the lovable fat guy who was Hulk Hoganís friend. Unfortunately, this alliance allowed him many victories which he did not really deserve. He wore a sailor outfit with a stupid Popeye-type hat. Popeye on the other hand, did not weigh close to 400 pounds. If he had the opportunity while in the ring, he would raise his fist in the air (as illustrated in the above picture) and make whoo-whoo boat noises. However, unlike most of the people on this page, he was not fired in direct response to his gimmick. He instead turned heel (as Typhoon) and teamed with Earthquake to form the natural disasters, where he actually had some success.



-         Tugboat had no notable accomplishments except for perfecting his tooting skills and knowing when to give up his lame gimmick.


Disgraceful Moments

-         When he was too fat for the Undertaker to Tombstone.