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Saba Simba




I feel sort of guilty for putting Tony Atlas on my page, but Saba Simba was just sad. During the 80’s, Atlas was a very successful and highly paid wrestler. Sometime in late 1990, he got another job wrestling for the WWF. He must have badly needed money, or else he probably wouldn’t have agreed to do this. For four or five months in late 1990 and very early 1991, this former great would run out to the ring with a massive headdress that made it difficult for him to get in the ring. He was a major jobber, as the start of his matches signaled to the fans that it was time to go get a refreshment or take a bathroom break. This guy was definitely at the bottom of the food chain. We’re talking two consecutive jobs to the Barbarian here. Fortunately, Atlas was not able to embarrass himself too long since he disappeared shortly after the 1991 Rumble.



-         As Tony Atlas he had many, but as Saba Simba it would be getting Vince to give him a job.


Disgraceful Moments

-         When ever he did his tribal dances in the ring.