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The Manís Man Steven Regal





††††††††† Having recently departed from WCW, Regal was hired by the WWF in the summer of 1998. For a brief time, he was just plain old Steven Regal. No stupid gimmick you say? Donít worry though, the WWF put a stop to this madness in only a few months time. In maybe September or October of 1998, the WWF starting airing these horrible promos calling Regal a manís man. These vignettes showed him doing manly things such as shaving and chopping trees, and were equipped with horrible music. The music just had some guy with a deep voice saying over and over ďheís a man, such a man, heís a real manís man, such a manĒ. Or something like that. He eventually formed an alliance with fellow anti-American Tiger Ali Singh and had a brief feud against Val Venis and The Godfather. His only pay-per-view appearance was fighting X-Pac at Survivor Series, which ended in a double DQ. Eventually, the dynamic duo of Regal and Singh was split up when Regal went to rehab for substance abuse and Singh was sent to development. He later returned to the WWF as William Regal.



-         As Steven Regal in WCW and as William Regal in the WWF, he won several titles. As the manís man, uh, he really didnít do anything. He was just kind of there.


Disgraceful Moments

-         When sometimes during matches he would get on one knee and flex his muscles, but since he had none he had to push his arm flab up where his bicep should be.

-         Wearing a toy construction hat.



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