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They’re Not That Good


The Ultimate Warrior- Despite all the hype, he hardly had any good matches. Most matches would go like this- He runs out to the ring, shakes the ropes and starts the match. His list of moves includes many running shoulder blocks, clotheslines, and flying clotheslines. His finisher was a gorilla press followed by big splash. That’s right, a big splash, the move they usually give to slow guys weighing over 400 lbs. Not only that, but he would sometimes splash them while they were lying on their stomach. Only Kamala did this, and he was not too bright. His costume was awful. His shaking-the-ropes-when-he-was-down was awful, and his interviews were beyond awful. After his first live interview, he was not allowed to do them anymore. This is because it took him less than one minute before he trailed off and started rambling about his warrior fans and his warrior dreams etc. On another note, this was not a gimmick. He was insane in real life too. He legally changed his name to Warrior. What’s wrong with this guy? Later, in WCW, he returned to feud with Hogan. He was given too much creative control, and he decided it would be a good idea to disappear in a cloud of smoke if anyone tried to run to the ring. This was done by a trap door in the ring, which many wrestlers hated. This trap door also caused the career-ending injury of the Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog).   


Lex Luger- While he wasn’t as bad as The Warrior, he was not that good. He was pushed like he was the next Hogan while in the WWF, but he relied too much on his stupid running forearm. His matches often included a combination of many running forearms, clotheslines, and body slams. His torture rack was okay. Goddamn he did a lot of running forearms.


Chuck & Billy- These guys were pushed much harder than a below average tag-team should be. They are mediocre wrestlers, with Chuck easily being the worst of the two. Their homoerotic gimmick was just bad, and it made it hard to take them seriously. Recently, they have gone their seperate ways with Billy going to the injured list and Chuck going to Velocity.