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Least Talented Wrestlers







Jay Leno- Cross promotional ideas are never good for wrestling. WCW did them a few times though, and of all of them Leno probably had the least amount of talent. He could do nothing. Not a single thing. He clotheslined and punched. At Road Wild 1998 Leno teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to take on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Leno pinned Bischoff for the win when Kevin Eubanks interfered.



 David Arquette- Okay Leno was bad, but at least he went away after one match. Arquette stayed for a few weeks. Not only that, but he won the WCW heavyweight championship!! The heavyweight championship! Thankfully he lost it to Jeff Jarrett shortly afterwards, but this is the kind of thing that helped put WCW out of business.


 David Flair- If you have ever seen him wrestle, you probably have thought to yourself “this guy would never have been hired if he wasn’t Ric Flair’s son”. You’re probably right. He could not even do a Goddamn hip toss. The people on Tough Enough learn to do hip tosses.  In WCW, he would always walk around the ring with this stupid look on his face. This look never changed, whether he was hitting someone or being hit. Right now he is in the minor leagues training. He was most recently seen being beat up by the Undertaker in a feud between Ric Flair and Undertaker.

  Ron Reese- You can’t have a page about untalented wrestlers without including Ron Reese in one of his many guises. He was the infamous Yeti, and later he became Big Ron Stud. His wrestling skills were awful. Sometimes, when he was getting mad, he would start patting his semi-bald head and then run at his opponent. Okay so he walked fast towards his opponent. He is the only big man I can think of that never got involved in a single memorable feud.


Roadblock- I could not find a picture of this guy, but he looked kind of like Fred Ottman (Tugboat). Like Tugboat, he was fat and slow. Unlike Tugboat, however, he always carried a roadblock to the ring. The worst part was he never even used the stupid roadblock! He just took it to the ring and left it outside. Roadblock himself was also useless. Actually he served one purpose: a big fat guy who the Giant could chokeslam. I should also mention that in his first few matches, he did not wear a shirt. That is very disturbing.