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To be honest, the idea of a prisoner gimmick isn’t really that bad, but Nailz’ complete lack of skills made up for that. For a couple weeks, Saturday morning WWF had vignettes of Nailz saying that Big Bossman abused him in jail, that he was innocent, and soon he was getting out and he would exact his revenge. He eventually ran in during one of Bossman’s matches and brutally beat him. Then, while Bossman was still recovering, he beat Virgil at Summer Slam ’92. Bossman finally beat him at Survivor Series ’92. Now this feud doesn’t seem that bad, but Nailz himself sucked. You would think the WWF could find someone who can do more than punch, kick, choke, and eye rake. Not only that, but his interviews were just horrible. After losing to Bossman, he was fired for supposedly assaulting Vince McMahon after some sort of argument. There are rumors that if he had not been fired, he would have been involved in a feud with the Undertaker.



-         Getting on two consecutive pay-per-views.


Disgraceful Moments

-         The fact that one of the reasons Ultimate Warrior quit in ’92 was to avoid a third rate midcard feud with Nailz.