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The Mantaur









          The Mantaur had a brief stint in the WWF from around December 1994 to around April 1995. Apparently Vince McMahon though this mythic beast character would go over well. His exploits in the ring were indescribably bad. He would wear a giant bull head out to the ring, and I have heard that he stomped his feet and occasionally made bull noises. He also mooed a lot, which he is doing in some of the above pictures. Even though he removed his mask during matches, he would continue to act like a bull by shuffling his feet and charging opponents, who would then have to jump out of the way. In the event that he would actually win, his finisher was a big splash called the stampede. He was usually a jobber for people like Razor Ramon and Bam Bam Bigelow. In fact, his only non-jobber victory that I know of was against Aldo Montoya the Man-O-War. It should also be noted that Aldo jobbed to pretty much anything that moved.



-         Somehow getting on a pay-per-view event, the 1995 Royal Rumble.


Disgraceful Moments

-         His whole career.



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