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Jean-Pierre LaFitte





          You might recognize Jean-Pierre LaFitte here as Pierre Oulette, the fatter and less talented of the two Quebecers. Sometime in early 1995, Pierre abandoned the gimmick of an America hating Canadian for what you see here. I believe he claimed to be the great great great grandson of a pirate. His finisher was a swanton bomb called “le cannonball”. He debuted on RAW April 1995 and pinned Duke Droese. His great great great grandfather would have been proud. He then entered into a feud with Bret Hart based on him stealing Bret’s precious leather jacket. He steals stuff you know, because he’s a pirate. They fought at In Your House 3, and of course Bret got his jacket back and LaFitte tapped out to the sharpshooter. Yarrrrrr.



-         Participating in the first ever televised match of the first ever In Your House pay-per-view, in which he defeated Bob “Sparky Plug” Holly.


Disgraceful Moments

-         Actually, LaFitte’s career, as brief as it was, was relatively embarrassment free. He might have stolen some other stuff besides Bret’s jacket, and he had to fight a plethora of crappy wrestlers on Superstars i.e. Aldo Montoya and Man Mountain Rock, but that’s about it.



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