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The Bird Man Koko B. Ware




Koko B. Ware was with the WWF from the late 80s to the mid 90s. He was sort of a fan favorite, but never won any championships. He always carried his trusty bird Frankie to the ring whenever he was about to job to whichever heel the WWF was trying to push. He got squashed by Yokozuna on the first ever RAW. His few victories were against people like the Brooklyn Brawler. He was definitely the token face jobber of his time. He would always be sent into the Royal Rumble as cannon fodder, and he would always be one of the first faces eliminated at the Survivor Series. He was sort of like the Scotty 2 Hotty of his day. Later in his career, he was teamed with Owen Hart as High Energy. Continuing with the Koko tradition, he was still a jobber, only now he was part of a tag team. High Energy wore incredibly stupid pants, as seen above. Bobby Heenan mocked them more times than I can remember. High energy had very little success, although the fans sort of liked them. In late 1992 the WWF was trying to push the Headshrinkers, so they needed someone for them to completely demolish at Survivor Series 92. Guess who they sent in? High Energy! In March or April of 1994 Vince decided Kokos days as the WWFs #1 jobber were over.



-         At Survivor Series 1990, Koko became the first person ever to be Tombstoned by the Undertaker.

-         In what was possibly the most high-profile match he ever won, he defeated Kato on a SummerSlam 1991 dark match.


Disgraceful Moments

-         Jobbing to Akeem in December 1988.



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