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Kamala the Ugandan Giant


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††††††††† During the mid 80ís, Kamala was a fairly big heel. He stopped wrestling for the WWF in the late 80ís. In 1992, the WWF decided to bring him back for another run. He was managed by Harvey Whippleman, and had Kim Chee as his trainer/handler. He would do his big splash on a jobber, and then try to pin him on his stomach. Whippleman or Kim Chee would have to explain to Kamala to turn the guy over and pin him on his back. Even after the match was over, he would continue to try and pin his opponents on both their back and their stomach. In the two or so years he was with the WWF, he never quite figured out how to pin people, which may explain his lack of victories. He also liked to pat his belly a lot. In the summer of í92, he started to feud with the Undertaker. This feud was based on the fact that Kamala was supposedly terrified of the Undertaker as well as caskets. Much humor ensued. Week after week, Undertaker or Paul Bearer would wheel out a casket during Kamalaís matches. This never failed to send Kamala running through the crowd, slapping his belly and making tribal noises all the way. Undertaker beat him by DQ at Summer Slam í92, and beat him in a casket match at Survivor Series Ď92. After this defeat, Kim Chee and Harvey Whippleman started mistreating Kamala, and he eventually turned on them. Reverend Slick took Kamala under his wing, and made it his mission to civilize him, though he continued to have trouble remember how to pin people. As a face, he was only for comedy. I canít remembering him ever winning a match. On one video, Invasion of the Bodyslammers, he had several segments with Slick teaching him to bowl. The whole thing was hilarious. During the course of the tape, we saw Kamala: Get scared of bowling shoes, throw the bowling ball backwards, charge the pins, and be mystified by a bowling ball. He was on a few of the first RAWs ever, but eventually faded away.



-         Got title shots at Bret Hart (WC) and Shawn Michaels (IC)

-         During the 80ís, he had matches against the likes of Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, George Steele, and Ricky Steamboat


Disgraceful Moments

-         Lost to Doink by CO. This happened when Doink gave him an empty box, wrapped like a present which Kamala opened outside the ring. He was counted out as he did this.



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