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Giant Gonzales




\ Before you judge this man by the fact that he is wearing a body suit with painted on muscles and fur, hear the facts. Back in the very early 90s, WCW had a wrestler named El Gigante. They assumed that if they took a 76 guy, no matter how bad he was, they could at least improve him a little. They were wrong. He is possibly the worst wrestler of all time. Anyway after a few years WCW finally fired him and Vince signed him up right away. Not only that, his sole purpose was to feud with the Undertaker. His arsenal of moves included: punch, choke, kick, and maybe a head-butt. Whenever he walked out to the ring he would hold his arms out to the side with his hands in the same position seen above. This was supposed to make him look menacing, but it just made it look he was trying to balance himself and not fall over. He made his big debut in the 93 Rumble when he came out and eliminated the Undertaker. They fought again at Wrestlemania IX, and after Gonzales showed off his non-talent for a few minutes he used a chloroform-soaked rag and got DQed in one of the worst finishes ever. At Summer Slam 93 Undertaker finally pinned him and after this Gonzales was never seen again.



-         Somehow convincing the WWF to push him into a feud with the Undertaker.


Disgraceful Moments

-         Helping to make Wrestlemania 9 one of the worst ever.



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