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Worst Finisher



Cranium Crush- This move was used by Crush in the early/mid 90ís. Basically he would just grab a jobberís head on both sides and squeeze, which apparently made them writhe in agony. Most finishers have been copied by other wrestlers and used again under another name, but no one has or ever will do a cranium crush again.


Wedgie/Rollup- This finisher was used by Phantasio, a widely unknown wrestler of the early 90ís. His gimmick was that he was a magician, so naturally his finisher was a wedgie. Thatís right, he would give opponents a wedgie and then roll them up for the pin while they were off guard.


Countout After Atomic Drop- The finisher of the mighty Berzerker, this has already been discussed on his page.


Atomic Noogie- Used by Sargeant Slaughter, this goes under the same category s the wedgie. It might hurt a little in real life, but it has no place in the wrestling world.


The Worm- Used by current WWF star Scotty 2 Hotty, this move is, how should I put it, fucking awful. He dances around on one foot and then does some sort of forearm drop. He is currently injured but you can be sure he will be back to dancing and jobbing in no time.


Tutti Frutti- This ridiculously bad move was used by Johnny B Badd in WCW. Johnny would come out to the ring and shoot his confetti gun into the crowd, although most of the confetti would land on the mats outside the ring because the gun was a cheap piece of crap. But back to his finisher, the Tutti Frutti was just a big punch set up by some lesser punches. Thatís it, punches. I need not say more.