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The Dungeon of Doom


††††††††† From 1996-1997, one of the WCWís many factions was the Dungeon of Doom. Now, Iíll admit that the WWF had some bad ideas, but the Dungeon of Doom pretty much cornered the market on hiring shitty wrestlers and giving them even shittier gimmicks. Some of them were okay, but the worst ones are listed here.



Loch Ness- Okay this guy was just horrible. He was so fat that he could barely turn around 360į in the ring. Not only that, but his finisher was an elbow drop. Now usually, they give fat guys who canít do much a big splash as their finisher. But this guy sucked so much he couldnít even do that. He probably would have killed someone if he tried, seeing as how he weighed around 500 lbs.


The Leprechaun- I couldnít find a picture of this obscure wrestler, but just imagine a short guy dressed as a leprechaun. The leprechaun was one of the least useful members of the DoD. He didnít even have size to his advantage, and he didnít actually wrestle that much. He mostly just interfered with matches by biting opponentsí legs and sometimes referee's, as well as occasionally doing a jig. I have heard that this leprechaun was actually Crash Holly.


The Yeti- This just made no sense whatsoever. Now call me crazy, but isnít a yeti a bigfoot-type creature that lives in the snow? What you see pictured here is obviously a mummy. Why did the WCW call a mummy a yeti? Why was he in a block of ice in his first appearance? Why did the WCW wrap him up so that he could barely move his arms? And why did he apear at World War 3 in '95 dressed as a ninja? Some question will never be answered.





Other Horrible WCW Gimmicks


Arachniman- This blatant Spiderman rip off was one of the worst ideas ever. He wasnít a bad wrestler, but that is overshadowed by the fact that he looked almost exactly like Spiderman and he even shot webs. Actually I think it was just silly string. Anyway the important thing is that he is gone and never coming back.


Ding. Dong. DumbThe Ding-Dongs- These guys were way before the time of the DoD. Back in the very early 90ís, the WCW thought it would be a good idea to have two guys come out to the ring wearing skin-tight red costumes with bells attached to them. This way, they could ring all throughout the match. Apparently, little kids were supposed to get into it when the man outside the ring would ring his bells if his partner was getting torn up by the other team (which happened quite often). I guess this was supposed to psych him up or something.



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