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Big Bully Busick


††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††Big Bully Busick



††††††††† Okay now I can at least attempt to understand the reasoning behind some of the other guys on this site, but just, uh, what the hell? Since when are bullies supposed to look like that, with the handlebars and all? I mean, why even did the WWF even bother bringing this guy in when there was no way he would be even remotely successful? Anyway I think Big Bully Busick wrestled in the early 90ís for some crappy promotion called Global Wrestling Federation, where he beat jobbers. Then he was hired by the WWF, where he beat jobbers. Big Bully lasted for roughly three months, from maybe August 1991 to sometime in October 1991. He never got on a pay-per-view, but he definitely had his share of T.V. time during his brief tenure. I was looking at this web page with T.V. results from the WWF during that time, and there was something about Sid Justice fighting him after he was bullying the ring announcer.There was also some mention of a match with the British Bulldog, and I think you can guess how that ended.



-         When, in the 1991 Pro Wrestling Illustrated annual top 500 list, he miraculously got #84, between Jeff Gaylord and the Barbarian. Tough times were ahead though, as he slipped to #194 the next year, then into the 300s the following years, and then into wrestling obscurity.

Disgraceful Moments

-         After his release by the WWF, he was replaced by Hercules on the 1991 Survivor Series. When youíre losing your spot to Hercules on a team that also had The Berzerker, Skinner, and Colonel Mustafa, itís time to hang up the derby and call it quits.



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