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The Bushwhackers and Jameson





          For some strange reason, the Bushwhackers Butch and Luke were actually kind of popular with the fans, despite their limited success in the ring. Jameson just sucked. Anyway the Bushwhackers were two Australians who liked to lick each other’s heads before and after matches. They would walk around the ring and do this stupid thing with their arms, which can be seen in the picture on the right. At times, the fans would really get into it and start moving their arms in the same manner. Why the Bushwhackers were even remotely popular while other people on this page were not is a mystery. Their finishing move was head-butting people in the stomach! They had many segments on Superstars such as when Mean Gene went on location to a shack in the desert which was supposedly their home. If I remember, I think they offered Gene some buzzard to eat. The Bushwhackers never had any titles in the WWF, and their feuds were mostly with low-card heel tag teams. Sometimes, they wouldn’t even get to fight a real tag team. The WWF would just throw together the Brooklyn Brawler and some other loser for the Bushwhackers to beat. One of their feuds was with the Beverly Brothers, which leads us into the story of Jameson. Now as if the Bushwhackers weren’t bad enough, the WWF had to add this guy in. Jameson was a nerdy guy, but not a smart nerd. He chewed on his tie. He fit right in with the Bushwhackers. When the Beverly Brothers started picking on him, the Bushwhackers adopted him and he became their manager for a while.



-         Staying on TV as long as they did.

-         They must have the record for head-butts to the stomach.


Disgraceful Moments

-         When Luke was thrown out of the 1991 Royal Rumble in about 6 seconds.



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